Abdelali Hamieddine receives 3 years in prison

Abdelali Hamieddine receives 3 years in prison

Former parliamentarian Abdelali Hamieddine was sentenced on Tuesday July 11 by the Fez Court of Appeal to 3 years in prison in connection with the case of the assassination of leftist student Benaïssa Aït El Jid .

The PJDist leader will also have to pay 20,000 dirhams as compensation for the Aït El Jid family.

As a reminder, Abdelali Hamieddine was prosecuted on bail for participation in an intentional homicide of which Benaïssa Aït El Jid had been the victim in 1993 around the University of Sidi Mohammed Benabdellah (Dhar Mehraz).

In December 2018, an investigating judge decided to reopen this case on the basis of new testimony.

Four former Islamist students were also tried in September 2019 in the same case and sentenced to terms ranging from three months to three years in prison.


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