A week on the rise

A week on the rise

The Casablanca Stock Exchange closed the week of May 22 to 26 up sharply, its main index, the MASI, gaining 1.66% to 10,943.66 points (pts).

During this week, the MASI.20, which reflects the price performance of the 20 most liquid companies, gained 1.77% to 885.26 pts, while the MASI.ESG, an index of companies that collect the best ESG rating, as published by Moody’s ESG Solutions, gained 1.58% to 815.75 pts.

The MASI Mid and Small Cap, thematic index which calculates the performance of the prices of small and medium-sized companies listed on the Casablanca Stock Exchange, nibbled away, meanwhile, 0.01% to 878.98 pts. On the sector level, 12 indices ended up, 10 in the red while one index ended in balance. In detail, the transport sector recorded the strongest increase of the week (+ 10.55%), ahead of that of portfolio companies (+ 5.33%) and telecommunications (+ 3.95%) .

Conversely, the hardware, software and IT services sector posted the largest drop (-4.68%), followed by mining (-4.23%) and real estate (-1 .77%). The overall volume of trade amounted to more than 555.85 million dirhams (MDH), carried out mainly on the central market (equities) and dominated by transactions relating to Attijariwafa Bank (165.25 MDH), Aradei Capital ( 49.57 MDH) and Itissalat Al-Maghrib (48.99 MDH). Market capitalization stood at 566.329 billion dirhams.

On the securities front, the best performances were achieved by Timar (+88.99% to 386.1 dirhams (DH)), CIH (+7.58% to 355 DH), Delta Holding (+5.38% to 27.4 DH), Auto Hall (+4.78% to 76.7 DH) and Attijariwafa Bank (+4.28 to 426 DH).

The biggest drops of the week were accused, for their part, by Maghreb Oxygene (-11.44% to 230.25 DH), Dari Couspate (-9.56% to 3,300 DH), Cartier Saada (-8, 54% to 24.51 DH), Rebab Company (-7.82% to 93.56 DH) and Managem (-7.56% to 2,080 DH).


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