A week on the rise

A week on the rise

The Casablanca Stock Exchange closed the week from June 12 to 16 up sharply, its main index, the MASI, gaining 3.55% to 11,452.87 points (pts).

During this week, the MASI.20, which includes the 20 most liquid stocks, advanced by 3.73% to 930.98 pts and the MASI.ESG, index of companies with the best ESG rating, such as published by Moody’s ESG Solutions, rose 3.92% to 854.26 pts.

The MASI Mid and Small Cap, thematic index which calculates the price performance of small and medium-sized listed companies, gained 2.71% to 915.34 pts.

Since the start of the year, these four indices have posted increases of 6.83%, 8.58%, 6.11% and 9.05% respectively.

On the sectoral level, 17 indices of the 23 represented on the Casablanca side ended up, while the remaining 6 showed a gray face.

In detail, the real estate sector recorded the strongest increase of the week (+15.31%), boosted by Douja Prom Addoha (+18.60%), Alliances (+10.15%) and Résidences Dar Saada (+5.31%).

The telecommunications sector jumped 10.4%, driven by its single title, Itissalat Al-Maghrib. Similarly, the index of portfolio companies-Holdings soared by 9% and that of beverages by 6.44%.

On the losing side, the mining sector posted the largest decline (-1.81%), followed by leisure and hotels (-1.54%) and REITs (-0.94%). %).

The overall volume of trade amounted to more than 648.08 million dirhams (MDH), carried out mainly on the central market (equities) and dominated by transactions relating to Douja Prom Addoha (103.68 MDH), Bcp ( 65.86 MDH) and Attijariwafa Bank (64.5 MDH).

Market capitalization stood at 591.77 billion dirhams.

On the securities front, the best performances were achieved by Douja Prom Addoha (+18.6% to 10.33 dirhams (DH)), Oulmes (+15.38% to 1,500 DH), Ib Maroc.com (+ 12.41% at 27.99 DH), Maghreb Oxygene (+11.88% at 225 DH) and Itissalat Al-Maghrib (+10.40% at 95 DH).

On the other hand, the biggest drops of the week were recorded by Cartier Saada (-12.73% at 24 MAD), SMI (-9.64% at 1,190 MAD), Dari Couspate (-7.73% at 3,414 DH), Atlantasanad (-5.30% to 125 DH) and Involys (-4.64% to 92.5 DH).


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