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A week in the red for the Casablanca Stock Exchange

The Casablanca Stock Exchange ended the week from February 14 to 18, 2022 down, its main index, the Masi, yielding 1.67% to 13,716.73 points.

The Morocco Stock Index 20 (MSI20), which reflects the price performance of the 20 most liquid companies, dropped 2.07% to 1,112.45 points and the Casablanca ESG 10, the Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) benchmark index. , lost 2.35% to 1,023.28 points.

Since the beginning of the year, the performances of these three barometers have been placed at +2.68%, +2.46% and +2.53% respectively.

On the values ​​front, 15 sectors of the 23 represented on the Casablanca coast ended the week in the red, against 7 up. The utilities index showed no change following the suspension of trading of the equity securities of its sole representative, Lydec.

The Engineering and Industrial Capital Goods index posted the largest decline over the period (-7.78%), followed by the Electricity sector (-7.13%), Building and Construction Materials (-3. 14%) and Transportation (-2.64%).

The banking sector, for its part, lost 2.43%, that of the pharmaceutical industry fell by 1.82% and Agrifood/Production by 1.85%.

As for the winners, the real estate participation and development index ended with a gain of 3.49%, the best performance of the week, ahead of that of Hardware, software and IT services (+2.32%).

In the process, the overall volume of trade exceeded 1.40 billion dirhams (MMDH), of which more than 1.08 billion MAD made on the Central market (equities).

With a transaction volume of more than 373.92 million dirhams (MDH), Attijariwafa Bank was the most active instrument of the week, capturing 34.42% of transactions, followed by Itissalat Al-Maghrib with 106.87 MDH (9.84%) and Aradei Capital with 70.94 MDH (6.53%).

Market capitalization stood at more than 712 billion dirhams.

At the end of this week, Stroc industrie (-13.49%), Zellidja SA (-8.26%), Taqa Morocco (-7.13%), Bank of Africa (-5.91%) and IB.Maroc .com (-4.52%) posted the biggest declines.

On the other hand, Alliances, Oulmès, Résidences Dar Saada, HPS and Afric Industries posted the highest increases with respectively +12.32%, +7.88%, +5%, +3.30% and +1.4% .




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