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A trade union in Marrakech receives authorization from the authorities

Faced with the unavailability of a law governing this new application activity of VTC (passenger car with driver), the showdown between taxi drivers and VTC drivers continues. Except that a new decision will probably change the situation.

For the first time in Morocco, the Ministry of the Interior has granted authorization for the creation of a union dedicated to drivers working in transport via applications.

The administration of the city of Marrakech, at the level of the administrative annex “Askjourin the Mhamid district, granted a receipt for the creation request, which allowed the establishment of a union office bringing together the drivers of the VTC applications.

The deposit receipt that was given to Adil Azmaouen, in his capacity as secretary general of the local office of professional drivers working with applications in Marrakech, is the first of its kind at the national level.

The delivery of this receipt comes at a time when the showdown continues between car drivers via VTC applications and taxi drivers at the national level. The latter believe, among other things, that VTC drivers are not qualified for this work and do not have the trusted license issued by the competent authorities.

Samir Farabi, general secretary of the Democratic Transport Union, which supports ride-hailing apps, said the move “ is a first and a precedent of its kind. This paves the way for the beginning of the organization of this sector“.

In a statement toMoroccoLatestNewsFarabi felt that work in transport via VTC applications has become necessary, so that Morocco is moving in the direction of developed countries in the field of transport.

The trade unionist pointed out that the file of VTC applications now needs to find a radical solution to it, by legalizing the transport sector thanks to modern technology and by avoiding the conflicts that arise between certain taxi drivers and those who work in these applications.

Also, the same trade unionist drew attention to the fact that the legalization of this sector would help create employment opportunities for many young Moroccans, in addition to injecting new income into the public treasury thanks to the status of worker. independent.



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