A successful exhibition that combines colors, portraits and abstraction

The opening of “Transe Formation” took place on Thursday, November 4, 2021 at the Ambre Art Center gallery. The opportunity to discover four Moroccan painters with various inspirations. A successful exhibition that marks the return of culture after more than a year and a half of hiatus following the spread of the coronavirus.

The event was organized to celebrate the opening of the world after a pandemic crisis that limited gatherings. Entissar Gharbi, Hypnotherapist, Nadia Ausalah Tawfik, Dentist, Malak Chaoui Arsaoui, Commercial Assistant at the Belgian Embassy, ​​and Samia Wardane El Hasnaoui, Teacher at CRMEF all responded to exhibit their works, the fruit of a work of more than a year, at the Ait Zine workshop.

Contacted by MoroccoLatestNews FR, Malak Chaoui, one of the exhibiting artists, was delighted with the success of this opening, during which each presented their vision of the world through their artistic interpretation, a touching, joyful and unique dimension.

Passionate about art, travel, discovery and colors, Malak was able to share her passion with art lovers through painting.

“It all started the day I decided to grab a brush between my fingers. I grew up in a family that speaks Wolof and cooks traditional Senegalese dishes. This is where I get my inspiration ”, explains, the one that highlights many portraits, bringing color.

Far from resting on his laurels, Malak is always in search of perfection. In her quest, she decides to join the studio of Zine El Abidine El Amine, a very professional artist. with a great know-how which helped him to find “a creative impetus”.

“Today I learned a different way of working. More perfection in the gestures, a mastery of techniques which facilitates the work. Suddenly, the drawing does not scare me anymore. The work is done smoothly, in a good atmosphere ”, explains the one who took part in several national and international exhibitions in this case in Dakar and Abidjan.

As for her future projects, the Dentist hopes to continue working hand in hand with the Ait Zine workshop and would like to participate in another exhibition with her aforementioned sisters. For now, the exhibition remains open to the public until November 18, 2021.



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