A successful 4th edition in Portugal with more than 40 artists on the podium

Since its creation in 2016, the Moga Festival has been held every year in Essaouira. But for this year, the Festival made a great premiere in Portugal, by organizing its 4th edition, last October, on one of the most beautiful beaches in the municipality of Almada, Costa da Caparica, less than 20km from Lisbon.

Offering a tailor-made experience to the public, the Moga Festival is known for its nomadism, creativity and discoveries. During its three editions in Essaouira, Moga has evolved to reach more than 7,500 spectators, creating a community from all over the world which now identifies itself as the #MogaTribe.

This year, the festival has succeeded in organizing an unprecedented edition, in a place that has a strong link with Essaouira. This is the Costa da Caparica beach, a municipality in the municipality of Almada, which is a small paradise located 15 minutes from Lisbon, always with the Atlantic Ocean as a backdrop.

Costa da Caparica has many points in common with the city of the Trade Winds, underline the organizers, namely the lifestyle, the long sandy beaches, the sunsets, the fishing villages, the wind, the surf and the seagulls. !

It was evident that this year that connection needed to be explored. Caparica is now like a second home for Moga… Essaouira will nevertheless remain its DNA. », Explains Matthieu Corosine, co-organizer of the festival, quoted in the Moga Festival press release.

A great way to mark the start of a connection between two sister cities, according to the organizers, since Morocco and Portugal recently decided on the twinning of Essaouira and Almada, of which Costa da Caparica is part. A project is underway to create an educational, tourist and cultural exchange, indicates the same source.

The question that arises is the choice made on Portugal for the organization of this 4th edition of Moga. The organizers explain this by the lifting of restrictions linked to covid-19 last October in Portugal, and the end of capacity limits. All the conditions were met for the event to take place smoothly, bringing life to the municipality of Almada, the same source specifies.

Thus, Moga has invested in several places located along the beaches of the Costa in a dream setting. The festival offered an experience that fuses electronic music with a multitude of wellness-related activities (yoga, surfing, hikes, culinary experiences, conferences, etc.) and numerous free events.

For 5 days, more than 4,500 people from all over the world, including 150 Moroccans, attended shows by more than 40 prestigious artists from 8 countries, say the organizers. Figures that make Moga Caparica a real success and a beautiful representation of Morocco in Lisbon, one of the most dynamic cities in Europe, which is also the capital of remote working and digital nomadism.

To conclude, the organizers of the event indicate that Moga Festival will soon be back in Morocco and that the festival team is currently working there to announce the dates of the next edition.



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