A Spanish delegation visits rock inscription and archaeological sites

A Spanish delegation is currently visiting rock inscription and archaeological sites in the province of Tarfaya, in the region of Laâyoune-Sakia El Hamra.

This visit, which takes place this Thursday, March 17, allowed the Spanish delegation to observe the aspects of development witnessed by the region in the various cultural, social and economic fields, said a press release from the Ministry of Culture.

This delegation, which visits the region on the initiative of the Center for Studies and Research Sakia El Hamra and the Association of Murcia, includes Antonio Vicente Fray Sanchez, historian and university professor at the University of Murcia, Gonzalo Sanchez Alvarez Castellanos, photographer-designer, and Paulino Ross, journalist at the Regional Radio of Murcia.

Accompanied by the Consul General of the Kingdom of Morocco in Murcia, Mohamed Bidallah, this delegation will visit the ornithological areas of the Naila reserve in the province of Tarfaya, the rock inscription sites, as well as the archaeological sites of the region, in addition to hold meetings with local authorities and stakeholders in the provinces of Laâyoune, Tarfaya and Es-Semara.

During this visit, a partnership agreement will be signed between the Interaction Association in Murcia, the Center for Studies and Research Sakia El Hamra in Laâyoune, and the Miran Association for the Protection of Heritage in Es-Semara to identify and search for archaeological and natural sites in the Laâyoune-Sakia El Hamra region.

A conference will also be organized at the Multidisciplinary College of Es-Semara, given by Professor Gonzalo Sanchez Alvarez Castellanos, in addition to the presentation of his book under the title ” Archaeological rock inscriptions in southern Morocco published in Spain last February.



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