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A senior brigadier forced to use his service weapon

A senior brigadier of the mobile emergency police unit in Fez was forced, in the early hours of Monday, to use his service weapon during a security intervention to arrest an individual, who, in a trance, exposed the lives of citizens and members of the security forces to serious danger with the use of knives and caused material damage to private property.

According to a security source, the police intervened to apprehend the suspect who was under the influence of narcotics in the Al-Wifaq district in the Bensouda area in Fez, where he caused material damage to 13 parked cars. on the public road.

The defendant, 25 years old, refused to comply and put up a violent resistance with knives to the police, which forced the brigadier to use his service weapon by firing a warning shot before shooting him. touch, specifies the same source, which notes that the use of the service weapon made it possible to neutralize the danger represented by the defendant and to avoid endangering the lives of citizens, including that of the police officers who participated in this intervention.

The defendant was placed under medical supervision at the hospital where he was transferred to receive the necessary care, while a judicial investigation conducted under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor’s office was opened in order to elucidate the ins and outs of this case and to determine the real motives behind these criminal acts.



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