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A section specially dedicated to data and statistics

As part of the continuous improvement of access to its data and statistics, Bank Al-Maghrib (BAM) has set up a new section dedicated to statistics on the Internet portal ” www.bkam.ma“.

Via the internet portal, the data published by BAM are now easily accessible and are, for the majority of them, available in formats allowing the various users a better usability, indicates the Central Bank in a press release.

Thus, this restructuring is part of the deployment of BAM’s Data and Statistics Strategy and constitutes a first step in the actions aimed at acquiring a “Open Data”aligned with the highest standards.

In detail, the new section ” Statistics » is made up of 12 sub-headings including Data and Statistics Strategy, Key figures of the national economy (composed of Weekly indicators; Loans and bank deposits; Quarterly bulletins), Monetary statistics (Main indicators; Monetary Statistics Review; Key statistics indicators monetary statistics; Monetary statistical series; Statistics according to Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS), and finally Money and foreign exchange market (Money market; Bond market; Foreign exchange market).

Also, it is also a question of the heading of Interventions of BAM on the money market, Official assets of reserves (Main indicators), Interest rates (Lending rate; Rates of term deposits; Variable rates; Maximum rate of conventional interest; Rates of passbook accounts), and Statistics on the banking sector (Structure of the banking system; Banking location; Aggregated balance sheets; Dashboard of the banking system; Statistics on bank accounts; Regional distribution; Bank indicators and participation windows; Credit indicators Intelaka; Oxygen and Recovery credit indicators).

Regarding the other three sub-headings; these are Surveys (with monthly economic outlook survey in industry, quarterly economic outlook survey and quarterly survey of lending rates), Prices (Inflation and core inflation; Real estate asset price index), Methodology ( Methodological and reference documents) and finally the sub-heading Calendar (Money Statistics; Bank loans and deposits; Statistics on bank accounts; Monthly economic outlook survey in industry; Survey on borrowing rates; Real estate asset price index; Quarterly report).



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