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A restructuring of Moroccan SMEs is essential according to the PCNS

The restructuring of Moroccan small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is essential to accelerate the Kingdom’s integration into global value chains (GVCs), says a Policy paper from the Policy Center for the New South (PCNS).

This restructuring should take place through the establishment of a dedicated national program or a joint-venture fund, to allow a gradual integration of Moroccan operators into the international dynamics of GVCs, write Abdelmonim Amachraa and Bertrand Quelin, authors of this Policy paper focusing on the emergence of Morocco in global value chains.

The rapid integration of GVCs is also dependent on the massification of markets to reach a critical size which justifies the installation of large locomotives as well as the support of industrial dynamics through training programs and research. and private sector-led development.

In addition, “Morocco should be vigilant about the quality of the GVC projects that will be presented to it”, in particular, those who are only attracted by the tax system, warned MM. Amachraa and Quelin.

With regard to investors and multinationals, the Kingdom would need trusted foreign partners for a possible transfer of technology, they noted, noting that the emergence of the Kingdom should lead to a creation of sustainable value in respect of the environment.

The skills and resources of multinationals should be made available to local industry, they insisted, adding that the new framework for Morocco’s participation in GVCs must guarantee customers and suppliers better value for their capital, products and services and the most efficient use of resources.

The challenge of being part of sophisticated GVCs offers Morocco the opportunity to trigger all potential initiatives and build innovative ecosystems over time, the policy paper notes, adding that the Kingdom should expand its current participation framework to include all stakeholders.




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