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a redesign in the taste of public disavowal

The President of the Algerian Republic carried out his seventh ministerial reshuffle last Thursday, since his arrival in December 2019 in El Mouradia, and the fourth operated with the current Prime Minister. It is to say the management of the capacity at the senile of the corner which fuels with a government every seven months.

Ten ministers have paid the price this time around, including “his eminence” Ramtane Lamamra, or Minister Kleenex who will not have spent more than twenty months and 9 days at the head of Algerian diplomacy. But let’s be reassured, other illustrious strangers did not do better or last long, as the murderous and changing moods of the two sick and irascible acolytes at the head of Algeria were most convincing to regard to them.

Particularly those having possessed, for a moment only, the portfolios of three essential and sensitive departments which are, Finance, Trade and Foreign Affairs. Since then, the bets are off and it’s who will last the longest in this ministerial sphere gorge-de-pigeon and so versatile.

Even the protected of the president, whose name is unpronounceable, pay the tribute. Hold ! Kamel Rezig ended up disappointing the same one who appointed him to this post of Minister of Trade and Export Promotion. The man, alias “Mister shortage” of oil, semolina, milk, sugar, etc., which suddenly disappeared from the shelves of stores in Algeria, had for some feats of arms to penalize the use of a language other than than Arabic on store signs, prompting protests.

During the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, he will not have failed, moreover, in his “irrelevant” deviations by announcing an awareness campaign for products in the colors of the rainbow, which he has assimilated to an LGBTQ symbol “Kabyles follow other looks”. A toll-free telephone number has even been set up for individuals to report these products so that the police can intervene.

However, the guy was able to stay in government for three years (a record) thanks to his wife’s good relations with the daughters of Mister President and the First Lady. Today, to the delight of many Algerians, he was fired like a mess by his very sponsor. Will the senile in power reap the dividends of the trumpets of fame? The continuation of the long Muppets show made in Algeria will tell us soon.

That said, the guy who had escaped all the ministerial reshuffles, is replaced by Tayeb Zitouni, who will have a lot to do to reduce the import bill and ensure the regular supply of the national market with products not available locally. A pious wish of the senile of the corner who must laugh in cape.

Another replacement and not least Laaziz Fayed, who replaced Brahim Djamel Kassali whose silver clock purring in the living room says more yes than no. The new treasurer is part of the house and it is a technocrat who was director of the Budget at the Ministry of Finance before his appointment as head of this ministerial department. So we don’t tell you where the money is going.

Youth and Sports also mutate for a former sportsman Abderrahmane Hammad, high jumper bronze medalist at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 in place of Abderezak Sebgag, to whom nothing will have succeeded sportingly, nor qualification for the Qatar World Cup. , neither the French-speaking games of Oran, nor the CHAN (African Nations Championship of local players), nor …

The survivors who are kept in their posts can be counted almost on the fingers of one hand, they are Abderrahim Tabi, Minister of Justice, Brahim Merad, Minister of the Interior, Mohamed Arkab, Minister of Energy, Mohamed Bouslimani, Minister of Communication, Abdelhamid Belabed, Minister of National Education, Youcef Belmahdi, Minister of Religious Affairs and Wakfs. See you in seven months at the next redesign!



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