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A professional transport accident leaves 27 injured

A collision of two vehicles transporting workers left 27 injured, including two drivers and 25 workers, at the Youssef Ben Tachfin dam, in the “Toussos” region in the province of Chtouka Ait Baha.

Sources on site reported that the accident was caused by a collision of a van with a light car, which had 25 agricultural workers on board. The collision resulted in the overturning of the utility vehicle.

It is not excluded that excessive speed and lack of respect for traffic lights is the cause of the accident. The injured were transferred to hospital in ambulances from the neighboring region of Chtouka Ait Baha, given the number of injured.

Three people suffer from serious fractures and the rest of the injured are undergoing the necessary examinations and treatment, it is said.

A preliminary investigation has been opened by the gendarmerie under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor’s office, to elucidate the circumstances of the accident, pending medical reports on the condition of the injured.



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