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A platform to buy your sheep via MyANOC

The Minister of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests, Mohammed Sadiki, announced on Wednesday the launch of a digital platform for Aid Al Adha. This is “My Anoc Market” which will facilitate the sale of sheep and goats. Here are the main points of this initiative:

– The result of a dual approach of collective intelligence and innovation, “MY Anoc” was initiated during the confinement period.

– It aims to develop a tangible and quickly operational response to bring out and develop new alternatives to traditional distribution channels.

– Platform created by the Association Nationale Ovine et Caprine (ANOC) for the online sale by breeders of sheep and goats who are members of the Association.

– It allows consumers to obtain sheep or goats without having to travel, with a national delivery service. – It allows direct contact between the breeder and the consumer, thus minimizing the problem of a multitude of intermediaries. – It allows buyers to view the products available for sale with their characteristics (breed, weight, age, etc.).

– Consultation of breeders’ data online with the possibility of carrying out advanced multi-criteria searches.

– It is intended for red meat operators (butchers and chevards) who wish to buy animals with well-defined characteristics.

– It is in line with the objective of digital transformation of the sector.




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