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A “party” marked by unprecedented social congestion

Moroccan workers are preparing for May Day in a difficult context marked by rising prices, the high cost of living and the difficult social situation that Moroccans are going through.

This day is not celebrated as a day of achievement, but rather as an opportunity to demonstrate and protest against the government which has not honored its commitments in terms of wage increases and tax cuts, despite the signing of an agreement in April 2022, say the unions.

Abdelghani Raki, member of the National Council of the Democratic Confederation of Labor (CDT), underlined in this regard that the national council had set up a program of struggle in three stages, two of which have already been carried out, namely the organization provincial marches on February 19 and a general strike in the civil service on April 18, in addition to sit-ins in front of the prefectures. The third stage foresees the organization of a centralized national march which should take place after May 1st.

“A year has passed since the government promised to raise wages and cut taxes, but it still hasn’t kept its promise. Similarly, the consultation announced by the government concerning the pension reform has not yet taken place. Unfortunately, these two important measures which have a direct impact on workers have been postponed without convincing explanations. The government does not seem to have taken the necessary steps to implement these agreements, thus creating a situation of unacceptable procrastination and delay”raised Raki.

Despite commitments made by the Moroccan government to increase salaries and reduce taxes, nothing has been done. According to Raki, the government dodged the implementation of the April 30, 2022 agreement by advancing several considerations, such as the difficult situation the country is going through or the war in Ukraine, thus delaying the process of implementing the agreement. ‘OK.

Thus, a meeting took place on Thursday 20 April between the government and the CDT, within the framework of social dialogue. A meeting that ended without an agreement being reached on the union’s grievances, in particular on the issue of wage increases.

A source present at the meeting confirmed that the agenda of the meeting, which brought together the head of government Aziz Akhannouch, the deputy minister in charge of the budget Fouzi Lekjaa, and other ministers concerned, focused on the need to implement previous agreements and approve salary increases before moving on to other matters.

But once again, the head of government referred to the difficult situation of the country, mentioning in particular the support costs allocated by the government to transport professionals, to the National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water (ONEE) and other sectors.

But the trade unionists present at this meeting considered that the figures presented by Akhannouch have a “very limited impact on citizens “, stressing that all measures must positively impact the purchasing power of Moroccans, but so far it has not been felt.

This is why the CDT called on the government to announce a salary increase before May 1st and to withdraw the proposals made by a consultancy concerning the vision of the reform of pension funds.

For their part, Moroccan workers therefore continue to protest against this situation, by organizing demonstrations and rallies to make their dissatisfaction known. May Day will be an opportunity for them to demonstrate and protest against the government which has not honored its commitments to workers, Raki concluded.



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