A new version of Electronic Signature is now available

The Digital Development Agency (ADD) has announced the launch of a new version of the platform for the dematerialization of the mail handling process within administrations and public establishments, Parapheur Électronique, which now bears the name “E- Parapheur ”.

In a press release, ADD specifies that “as part of its missions to support public bodies in their digital transformation process, ADD offers users of the old version of Electronic Parapheur a new platform ‘E- Signature ‘with new features and improvements (ergonomics, design, technical development)’.

He also pointed out that the aim of this improvement is to ensure better use of the platform’s functionalities, in favor of administrations and public establishments, noting that the “E-Parapheur” includes in its new version a multitude of relevant, improved and adapted to the needs of the users of the Administration, in particular, the module allowing the multi-assignment of the mails, the saving of personalized searches, the signature module integrating the digital signature in the process of treatment of the mail, the module of the support and of training for better use of the platform and the management module for changes and training requests.

The integration of these new functionalities responds to the requests expressed by the administrations, establishments and public enterprises and local authorities.

the ADD recalls that currently, more than a million letters are processed on the “E-Parapheur”, and this figure is constantly evolving due to the increasing use of the platform by the administrations, public establishments and enterprises and local authorities, as well as the satisfaction of user organizations.

The deployment of the Electronic Parapheur and the Digital Order Office at the level of administrations, public establishments and enterprises and local authorities has been the subject, since April 1, 2020, of more than 200 training and assistance workshops, at benefit of users within each administration.

The objective is to appropriate and better use the functionalities of these platforms, as part of the efforts made by the Agency for the management of change and the promotion of digital culture within the administration.



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