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A mother kills her son and cooks him to eat

It is a heinous crime that has shaken all of Egypt for several days. A 30-year-old mother killed her son, cut his body into pieces, cooked and ate some and hid the remains in her house.

Informed of the incident, the prosecution quickly went to the scene to examine the crime scene, and easily linked the discovered evidence to the suspect, a resident of Faqus town in Ash governorate. Sharqiyah, in the northeast of Egypt, reports the local press.

Prosecuted in a state of detention, the respondent indicated during the first interrogation, having killed her five-year-old child, cut up her body and cooked certain parts of it, in particular her head, before the truth was discovered and that she is stopped.

Very agitated and apparently very upset, she explained that she “was worried about her child and wanted to keep him with her. So she decided to cut its throat, cut it up and eat it after cooking it to bring it back to her belly”.

The mother, who will have to undergo a psychological expertise on the order of the prosecution, is being prosecuted for “the villainous murder of her own son and for cannibalism for having cut, cooked and eaten him”.



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