A Moroccan woman obtains the 2nd highest score in the world in the MFT

A Moroccan woman obtains the 2nd highest score in the world in the MFT

A Moroccan student from Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (AUI) has just achieved “a world feat” by obtaining the 2nd best score in the world in the Major Field Test (MFT) of business, a standardized American exam, which students from 3000 academic fields in 150 universities.

This is Nassima Ait Benichou, a young Moroccan who was born and raised in Ifrane, where she studied at the Lycée Militaire before joining the School of Business Administration (SBA) at Al Akhawayn University, with a merit scholarship from the same University.

“With a score of 197 out of 200 points, the 2nd best score at the world level, Nassima has reached an exceptional level, a great pride for our country and a demonstration of the confidence that Moroccan youth deserves in its ability to compete with the best students. of the world and at the level of the best international standards”, indicated the Al Akhawayn University of Ifrane (AUI) in a press release.

“Nassima’s exceptional performance undoubtedly testifies to her profound mastery of her study program, but also to her attitude and her unwavering commitment,” the same source points out.

“For me, this achievement is first due to the academic quality of the School of Business Administration, the quality of the experience at Al Akhawayn University, the contribution of all the faculty members who have provided support and assistance throughout my journey at UAI, as well as my experience at the University’s Center for Learning Excellence,” commented Nassima Ait Benichou.

According to the press release, “its exceptional performance indeed comes in the continuity of the remarkable recognition that Al Akhawayn University obtained a few months ago from NECHE (New England Commission for Higher Education), the American agency which accredits prestigious American universities such as Harvard, MIT, Yale and Brown.

Indeed, AUI has been granted NECHE accreditation for 10 years (the maximum possible period), based on nine standards – including the success of its students and the quality of their experience at Al Akhawayn University. .

It should be noted that Al Khawayn is the only African university to have obtained NECHE accreditation, and the only non-American university in Africa to have obtained American institutional accreditation.

Quoted by the press release, the President of Al Akhawayn University, Amine Bensaid indicated, for his part, that “Nassima’s ability to stand out at the world level comes first and foremost from her hard work and her state of mind. of ‘life-long learner’ being part of relentless perseverance and continuous improvement, but also of pedagogy and generosity through the support service she offered (as a tutor) to d’ other students in the Center of Learning Excellence – a center for tutoring and mentoring students by their peers”

Bensaid wished to “warmly congratulate all the professors of the Business School of Al Akhawayn University for this accomplishment of Nassima, but also for the performance of all the outgoing students this year, whose average score in the MFT registered a new record. , achieving the highest average in Al Akhawayn University’s history since administering the MFT to its Business students.

The MFT exam is a standardized American exam designed to measure in the United States and internationally the knowledge in their discipline and the critical understanding acquired by students at the end of their course.

This test goes beyond measuring factual knowledge, it helps assess students’ ability to analyze and solve problems, understand relationships, and interpret content in their field of study.


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