A mandatory digital solution from September 1

In partnership with players in the port logistics chain, the Customs and Indirect Tax Administration (ADII) and the National Ports Agency (ANP) continue to work for the total digitalization of the customs clearance of imported goods.

In 2020, the Delivery Order (BAD) was dematerialized and became electronic and is exchanged between the various stakeholders via the Single Window for Foreign Trade (PortNet) platform.

In a press release, ADII, PortNet and the ANP explain that the electronic BAD has the same legal value as the paper BAD. However, and since its dematerialization, it is only required for the completion of customs clearance formalities, as proof of ownership of the declared goods (article 67 of the Customs and Indirect Tax Code).

Today, the port community announces the approval of a solution developed by PORTNET SA, dedicated to the fulfillment of formalities for the removal of customs-cleared goods and based on secure electronic BAD exchanges between on the one hand shipping agents shipping agents or freight forwarders and, on the other hand, terminal managers.

Covering all types of maritime shipments (containerized, conventional or in bulk), the solution developed makes it possible to ensure the authentication and traceability of electronic BAD exchanges and integrates rules and controls capable of securing and simplifying removal formalities, specify ANP, ADII and PortNet, noting that the actors concerned recognize that these exchanges, carried out via the Single Window for Foreign Trade (PortNet) platform, are authentic and non-repudiable.

Thus, and on a practical level, the recipient of the goods (importer or his agent) initiates the formalities for the removal of his goods, according to the terms and conditions. This involves receipt of the electronic BAD upon completion of the exchange formalities with the shipping agent or freight forwarder, the generation of a 6-digit secure code with the possibility of printing the BAD containing all the information relating to the goods, to its owner and to its place of storage, as well as a QR code (the secret code is generated under the full responsibility of the importer) and finally the communication to the terminal manager of the Secret Code as well as the references the electronic BAD or, where applicable, the printed electronic BAD.

Before invoicing and initiation of the formalities prior to delivery, the terminal manager thus carries out authentication checks and verifies the collection prerequisites, specifies the same source.

In order to limit travel to port premises by importers or their agents to the sole needs of the physical removal of goods, terminal operators are invited to deploy solutions allowing remote completion of invoicing and payment formalities. .

In this respect, it was decided, following a common agreement with the parties concerned, to implement this solution gradually from 1er June 2022 and to make it mandatory on 1er September 2022, given the importance of this solution on improving the port transit time and in consideration of the above, specify the three partners.

In this sense, PortNet, ADII and the ANP invite shipping agents, freight forwarders and terminal operators to take the necessary measures, in coordination with PORTNET SA and the Regional Directorates of the ANP for its implementation in the deadlines set.

For its part, PORTNET SA is invited to take the necessary measures to support the aforementioned players and ensure wide dissemination of this to economic operators and carriers operating in all ports under the ANP, indicates the same source.

To assist and meet the needs of economic operators, the PORTNET SA Customer Relations Center is mobilized via the platform complaint.portnet.ma or by phone at 0520473100.

Finally, the regional managers of the ANP and the ADII are required to ensure permanent monitoring of the application of this new procedure, to coordinate with PORTNET SA and the maritime actors concerned operating in the ports under their jurisdiction and to report any difficulty in applying this.



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