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A laptop that adapts to the new way of teleworking

HP launches new generation of business notebooks Elitebook, which provides solutions to help workers adapt to the digital transformation of remote working, as the global pandemic continues to disrupt the way people work.

As millions of workers around the world have embraced telecommuting, the manufacturer claims to have adapted its PCs to today’s relevant models, in terms of design, security and remote collaboration.

The new generation of laptops is packed with six features to help businesses digitize post-coronavirus workflows and adapt to the changing workplace.

Elitebook, for employee versatility

With more and more companies offering flexible working options, you need to make sure you have the best PC for working from home.

That’s where the HP Elitebook 840 comes in, with a work mode that delivers a new AI-powered audio experience.

This ultra-light, slim, easy-to-carry business PC features an 85% screen-to-body ratio and a quiet, comfortable keyboard to work with. The exceptional combination of responsive performance, connectivity and speed with an optional 11th generation quad-core Intel® Core ™ i7 vPro® processor that lets you launch, create and connect quickly and reliably.

A long-lasting battery for the serenity of the employee

Whether at home or outside, no problem will hinder the smooth running of the employee’s day.

The HP EliteBook 840 with Wi-Fi 6 has a long battery life and a powerful 11th generation Intel® Core ™ i7 processor.

When it comes to security, HP’s features work together to create an always active, always active and resilient defense.

From BIOS to browser, above and below the operating system, these ever-evolving solutions help protect your PC from threats. Flexible tools for remote work

This design-driven feature endows their product with versatile qualities, including portable tablets and mode-changing convertibles, ultra-light laptops and desktops capable of performing various digital processes.

Employee comfort above all else

HP ensures the comfort of its users who want to work without any constraints by providing a premium experience with PCs and accessories that not only help you feel comfortable, but also help you be fast and efficient.

Technology ready for collaboration

HP surveys have shown that 39% of respondents said difficulty collaborating was the main reason for lack of productivity.

HP’s solution is to deliver collaboration-ready technology for a better remote working environment, from Wi-Fi 65 to 5G6 for connectivity to AI noise cancellation for home noise to HP SureShutter7 for instant privacy.

Productive accessories

Beyond laptops and tablets, the HP Elite family also comes with accessories to improve productivity; these include monitors to eliminate harmful blue light and portable wireless headsets and mice.

Additionally, HP Noise Cancellation improves collaboration by applying advanced noise filtering technology to all audio inputs, giving you an enhanced audio and video conferencing experience.

Integrated protection

With cyber attacks adapting to new remote endpoints, HP says its latest products are self-healing, able to organically protect, detect and recover cyber attacks before they become a problem. It does this by being less reliant on third-party security software, less manual installation, and more ability to troubleshoot issues remotely.

You can also instantly block the ability of prying eyes to see your screen with optional HP Sure View Reflect which produces a copper reflective finish when the screen is viewed from the side making it unreadable.

Advised assistance and management

In an effort to support devices anywhere, the HP Elite PC offers remote management capabilities, allowing users to access devices securely through multi-factor authentication, facilitated by the next generation.

A good technological ecosystem

Helping to support more environmentally friendly products, HP uses ocean-bound plastics in the speaker cases, and the outer box packaging is 100 percent sustainable.

Ultimately, your “office” can be where you need it, allowing you to connect almost anywhere with the HP EliteBook 840 with optional support for up to 5G wireless broadband technology with antennas. 4 × 4 which can provide fast upload and download speeds.

The changing workplace will mean different things for different companies, but one thing is universal: the right tech ecosystem can make the transition to the new standard of work easier for employees and IT too.




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