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a joyful May 2022 with more than 800,000 tourists

The number of tourists arriving in Morocco in May reached 801,179 tourists, more than 11% compared to the same period of fiscal 2019 (689,207) which nevertheless happened to be a reference year.

It is Fatim-Zahra Ammor, Minister of Tourism, Handicrafts and Social and Solidarity Economy who, radiant, peddled this information on her Facebook account. “This ratio is a positive indicator of the recovery of the tourism sector while waiting to register a greater number during this summer period.“, she welcomed today.

The day before, a meeting had taken place with the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Parliament (Chamber of Representatives) to discuss the main lines of the action plan of the Ministry of Tourism, Handicrafts, Social and Solidarity Economy for the Marhaba 2022 process. Of great importance for the tourism sector, in view of the effective contribution of MREs to the revival of this sector, bruised by the Covid-19 pandemic, the plan has been examined from all angles and has been validated. It is because the summer tourist season is in full preparation in June. After two difficult summers, the 2022 season should mark the return of tourists and MRE countries, so we must prepare for a greater influx than in previous years.

In the Strait of Gibraltar, the great summer transhumance is already in full swing and the authorities are expecting a record number of crossings of the strait towards the Kingdom after two catastrophic summers for the tourist sector. In total, nearly 2 million visitors are expected at Moroccan border posts by plane, ferry, bus or car. That said, Morocco since January (50,534 foreign tourists), in five months and thanks to an exponential increase, has seen tourist arrivals multiply by 16 (February: 120,0521, March: 241 920, April: 343,246 and a jump in May to 801,179). Between January and April 2022, 1,452,534 visitors entered the Kingdom, including 744,543 MREs and 707,991 foreign tourists.

During the first four months of 2019, they were all categories combined 2.28 million including 1.3 million MRE. Despite the satisfaction expressed on twitter, we are not yet at the pre-crisis level, but nonetheless, it is, so to speak, jubilant. This is explained by the fact that the Kingdom has only really and again lifted its restrictions recently (a quarter and a little), hence the tremendous increase in May which also bodes well for a good tourist season, this which rejoices moreover, the guardianship. This also bodes well for a season in perfect harmony with the normality of entries to Morocco with some hope of exceeding these figures as long as Lady Covid and her kids do not come once again to spoil a party in perspective.




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