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A hundred complaints against the violence of the police filed by lawyers

A hundred complaints were filed in Paris on Friday to denounce the arbitrary arrests and detentions of demonstrators in France. Since the beginning of social protest and the popular refusal of a project to extend the retirement age carried by French President Emmanuel Macron, muscular arrests and filmed police blunders have gone around the world.

For several weeks, organizations such as the League for Human Rights (LDH), the Syndicat de la magistrature, the Syndicat des avocats de France, and political parties have been criticizing the “police repression” which has befallen the protesters.

A group of lawyers have come together to file a complaint against French authorities who have banned the right to demonstrate and undermined freedom of assembly to crack down on people against the unpopular pension reform bill forced through in France.

Police blunders and the repression of demonstrators have increased in France since the demonstrations of yellow vests. During a press conference, about twenty lawyers denounced the numerous arrests and detentions in recent weeks are pointless and aim “to break the social movement”.

Justice and the police are targeted by complaints, in particular for arbitrary interference with individual freedom by a person holding public authority, failure to intervene to stop an illegal deprivation of freedom and obstruction of freedom. to manifest.

“We are supported by many institutions, by the Defender of Rights in particular, who continues to warn about these abusive arrests, about the disproportion of the means put in place by the police and the prosecution in this mobilization to dissuade people from come back to protest. In a democracy, this is not acceptable, ”said Me Alexis Baudelin, one of the collective’s lawyers.

The complaints, in addition to those filed by the victims of police violence, were filed Friday morning with the Paris judicial court against the largely “arbitrary” deprivations of liberty, said Me Raphaël Kempf, especially given the low rate lawsuits that followed.

The lawyer Me Alice Becker, confirmed by explaining that the procedures in Paris are the subject of “75% of classification without follow-up” on the part of the prosecution. Complaints for violence that took place during the arrests will be the subject of separate complaints “in the days to come”, indicated for his part Me Ainoha Pascual.



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