A growing demand from Moroccans for Asia

A growing demand from Moroccans for Asia

With the approach of the summer season, travel agencies are seeing an increasing demand from customers wishing to spend their holidays abroad, which has helped to increase the revenues of the sector. During the Covid-19 health crisis, the travel agency sector experienced a financial crisis.

Professional sources report notable activity in travel agencies, attributing this to the approach of the summer holidays, during which some Moroccans prefer to travel to European, Asian and American destinations.

Several testimonials confirm that travel costs have become high compared to previous years, which has led some customers to complain about the increased costs of tourist trips organized by professional agencies at the national level.

Hundreds of Moroccans plan to travel abroad over the next two months to spend their summer holidays. Many of them have not left the national territory since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, which complicates travel formalities.

Indeed, people wishing to travel abroad encounter many obstacles during this season, mainly related to the limited availability of booking dates, the Schengen visa problem and the increased cost of flights to distant tourist destinations.

In this regard, Omar Belhachmi, President of the National Union of Travel Agencies, indicates that ” travel agencies record various reservations from Moroccans, especially for Asian destinations“. He also points out that ” most travelers to Europe are on their own to book“.

In a statement to MoroccoLatestNewsBelhachmi points out that “ Turkey has had the highest number of bookings from Moroccan travelers in recent years, along with Egypt“. He confirms that ” Spain no longer has a high percentage of bookings as it is home to a large Moroccan community“.

Demand is still moderate so far, continues our interlocutor, due to the increase in travel costs in agencies compared to previous years. He explains this by: the high rate of inflation which has affected all tourist services“.

This professional also points out that “ travel agencies welcome dozens of customers a day, who ask for details about reservations and family tourist trips planned for the summer“. He recognizes that “travel has become expensive for everyone due to the increase in transport and travel costs“.


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