A Global Coalition Against Synthetic Drug Threats Is Formed

A Global Coalition Against Synthetic Drug Threats Is Formed

The Global Coalition Against Synthetic Drug Threats was launched on Friday as part of a Virtual Ministerial Meeting on Accelerating and Strengthening the Global Response against Synthetic Drugs, held Friday via videoconference, with the participation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Living Abroad, Nasser Bourita.

Created at the initiative of the United States, this coalition aims to bring together key international actors, governments, intergovernmental organizations, specialized agencies, civil society and the private sector for concerted action aimed at addressing the challenges posed by synthetic drugs worldwide.

It takes place in a context where synthetic drugs represent a growing threat to public health, security and stability in many countries of the world and in which the production and circulation of these chemical substances have increased exponentially, generating effects harmful effects on society, including problems of substance abuse, crime and violence.

Faced with this threat, the strengthening of international cooperation remains a pressing requirement, in order to put in place global strategies to counter these complex challenges.

The objectives of the said coalition are to strengthen international coordination and cooperation by facilitating the exchange of information, expertise and good practices to better understand trends in the production, trafficking and consumption of synthetic drugs and by encouraging bilateral, regional and multilateral cooperation for a concerted and effective response.

It intends to strengthen national capacities by supporting the strengthening of countries’ capacities in terms of prevention, treatment, demand reduction and the fight against illicit trafficking in synthetic drugs, as well as by promoting the sharing of best practices, technical assistance and training of health and law enforcement professionals.

The promotion of research and innovation is also among the aims of the coalition, by encouraging scientific, medical and social research to identify the effects of synthetic drugs on health, society and the environment and by stimulating the technological innovation for the development of more effective detection and prevention methods.

It also works to strengthen cooperation with the private sector through collaboration with pharmaceutical companies, research laboratories, technology providers and companies in the security sector to develop innovative solutions.

The coalition also aims to raise awareness and educate through the development of awareness and education campaigns to inform the public, especially young people, about the dangers of synthetic drugs, their harmful effects on health and the consequences and encouraging cooperation with the media and civil society organizations to disseminate prevention and harm reduction messages.

The creation of a Global Coalition Against Synthetic Drug Threats represents an important opportunity to strengthen international cooperation and address the challenges posed by these dangerous substances. The Coalition’s action should enable the adoption of a new global approach based on intergovernmental collaboration, to better prevent and fight against the spread of synthetic drugs.

Speaking on this occasion, Nasser Bourita stressed that “the launch of this coalition comes at a crucial time, given the devastating consequences of drug use on health, security and social cohesion”.

He welcomed the establishment of this new global mechanism, calling for the collective commitment of all stakeholders.


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