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A fragment of a lunar meteorite discovered in Morocco breaks records at auction

A lunar meteorite fragment, which was discovered in Morocco, fetched up to $1,89,000 at Christie’s auction, becoming the “most expensive lot”.

Christie’s sold a total of 66 meteorites that had struck Earth at different points in time, earning it more than $1 million, starting with the most expensive, the lunar fragment discovered in Morocco.

“Despite the two weeks of opening, the highlight of the edition, a stone from Mars found in the Sahara desert and presented as the third largest piece of this planet preserved on earth did not find a buyer”reports AFP.

“The bids have risen to the highest for the pieces of the Moon, which constitute “the rarest pieces”. In this sense, a meteorite fragment discovered in Morocco in 2007 was sold for 189,000 dollars (about 1.78 million dirhams) becoming the “most expensive lot”. The second in the ranking, also from the earth satellite, was sold for 69,300 dollars.according to the same source.

The auction house traded another rather unusual item; a doghouse that became auction-worthy after it was hit by a meteorite in April 2019 in Aguas Zarcas, Costa Rica.

According to The Guardian, the meteorite punched a seven-inch hole in the roof of the house, however, the German Shepherd named Roky escaped unscathed. The house reportedly fetched $44,100 when it was expected to have sold for as much as $300,000.

Among other valuable items, a 15g fragment of the Winchcombe meteorite was auctioned off for $30,200. The 15 gram fragment is believed to be part of the Winchcombe meteorite, which has been spotted across Britain and has become the most coveted rock. In contrast, a smaller fragment weighing just 1.7 grams sold for $12,600.




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