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A former French ambassador to Morocco reveals the intentions of Paris

The defiling machine is in motion and all means are put at its service to achieve its objective: to weaken the Kingdom of Morocco by smearing it.“. This is one of the edifying confessions delivered by a former French ambassador in Rabat.

The former French official made the clearest revelations concerning the hostile attitude of Paris towards Rabat and what drives it. In an article on Maghreb intelligence, the former French ambassador to Morocco, who requested anonymity, confirmed that there are indeed maneuvers of all kinds in France whose sole purpose is to put sticks in the wheels of Morocco’s development.

“France will do everything possible to ensure that Morocco does not impose itself at the head of the Maghreb“, entrusted the former French ambassador to the retirement, in Maghreb intelligence.

Many French officials know that Algeria is in decline and that its future is compromised in the medium term. So they will try to hold back the kingdom or at least slow its advance“, he explains.

A testimony that confirms the multitudes of low blows operated by France against Morocco, mobilizing its media, its political relays in Europe and other films. And the reason is none other than the constant development of the Kingdom, under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, its economic empowerment but also security which makes ” grind your teeth ” in Paris.

In this sense, Morocco intelligence returns to the maneuvers of Paris, which began a while ago, and which consist of alternating uncorroborated investigations by NGOs, presumed to be independent, the publication of press kits and self-reported reports. saying so-called neutral media goals, organizing social media cabals or even attempting what she called ” diplomatic containment“, it says.

According to the same source, and for the DGSE headed for almost 6 years by Bernard Emié, the rise of Morocco which “strangely” resembles that of Turkey, now worrying for Paris. This brings back bitter memories to the one who was ambassador to Ankara between 2007 and 2011, the trauma of a country which “dares” to challenge France economically, culturally, militarily and above all diplomatically, has resurfaced, reports the media. .

Citing well-informed sources, the news site affirms that the intimacy of the DGSE towards Morocco, does not date from recent years, but dates back to the beginning of the change of reign in Morocco, stressing that Paris did not know very well the economic and diplomatic choices of King Mohammed VI.

It’s just that we quickly realize that he rejects any paternalistic interference from Paris. He does not have the French tropism of Hassan II“, explain the sources of Maghreb intelligence.

Thus, the new management put in place by King Mohammed VI at the top of the Moroccan state, is incomprehensible for the French, underlines the media, noting that in the entourage close to the King, few are those who have acquaintances in France. .

On the other hand, and despite the publication of multitudes of sensational books aimed at ” lobby on Morocco, the media argues that the Elysée and the Quai d’Orsay are keeping an eye on the grain to avoid a major deterioration in relations between the two countries.

However, at the beginning of the 2010s, the situation changed, the publication advanced, especially on the economic level, when Morocco positioned itself on a large scale on the African market and took on large shares in the banking, insurance and construction sectors. , telecoms, air and others, which make the Moroccan metropolis, the leading destination of Dakar, Abidjan and Libreville to the detriment of Paris, without forgetting the empowerment of Morocco in terms of security (attacks foiled in Europe, particularly in France …), the management of the Arab Spring and finally, the icing on the cake, the recognition in 2022 by Donald Trump, of Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara.



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