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A famous plastic surgeon and his wife prosecuted for “trafficking in human beings” and “fraud”

Five people linked to the clinic of the famous plastic surgeon, Hassan Tazi, were arrested in connection with a case of “human trafficking”, “fraud” and “falsification of documents”. The doctor’s wife is also implicated.

Amina F, head nurse, Abderrazak T, administrative manager in charge of interest recovery and brother of the plastic surgeon, Zenit B, intermediary, and Mounia B, wife of the doctor, financial manager of the clinic, accused of falsifying invoices , as well as the owner of the clinic, are involved in this case and are today under arrest, informed sources told MoroccoLatestNews.

For their part, Fatna K, Fatima H and Saida A, employees of the clinic are prosecuted in a state of freedom, indicated the same source.

The public prosecutor decided to prosecute the defendants for “trafficking in human beings”, and exploitation of the weakness and vulnerability of the persons concerned. The indictment reveals that the defendants would have taken advantage of the weak situation of the victims by committing criminal acts in an organized gang.

The charges are further aggravated by the fact that they relate to minors under the age of 18 and suffering from illnesses. In addition, the defendants are prosecuted for “fraud”, “falsification of commercial documents” in an organized group, and use of these forgeries for certificates and the increase of invoices.

Moreover, this group of people are accused of having filmed and shared the images of people without their consent”. These charges relate to several areas including criminal law, the law on freedom of pricing and competition, consumer protection, rules surrounding the exercise of the profession of doctor…

As a reminder, the judicial police brought 8 people before the public prosecutor’s office on Saturday near the Casablanca Court of Appeal, for fraud, use of forgery, and fraud in medical treatment.




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