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A fair for aromatic plants organized in Marrakech

After the launch of the “Marrakesh, Health and Beauty Valley” Regional Ecosystem, during the 1st International Congress of Perfume, Aromatic and Medicinal Plants in Marrakech in 2019 and following the recommendations of participating professionals, the Menara Cluster and the Regional Center for ‘Investissement de Marrakech-Safi are organizing the first edition of AROMAPLANT EXPO, a show for the promotion and innovation of the PPAM sector.

Organized under the aegis of the Ministry of Industry and Trade as well as the Wilaya of Marrakech-Safi, the event will be held from June 1 to 4, 2023, in Marrakech, at the Mohammed VI Museum for Water Civilization in Morocco.

In a statement, the organizers say that the show will bring together professionals in the sector to discuss the major issues of the PPAM sector and will welcome more than 2,000 visitors, to meet nearly 100 exhibitors, Moroccan and international, large groups, SMEs, startups, laboratories and prototyping centers, cooperatives, public establishments, machinery and packaging suppliers, etc.

This first exhibition at the national level will also be an opportunity to promote investment in the development and innovation of the sector at the level of the Marrakech-Safi region, which is betting on this sector as one of the axes of development and growth. potentials of the region.

It will also allow economic actors to benefit from training workshops with the aim of strengthening their capacities and helping them to better develop their business. Another exclusive workshop will be devoted to the broad outlook of the global cannabis-derived therapeutics market.

In addition, AROMAPLANT EXPO will be the opportunity to welcome for the first time in a show, processors and players in the development of the Cannabis subsidiary. Morocco being one of the most promising countries in this sector.

The creation of a regulated production and valuation market for cannabis in Morocco comes with significant economic benefits for growers and companies in the sector.

AROMAPLANT EXPO is an opportunity to showcase young entrepreneurs and start-ups dedicated to this booming industry, the statement said. This show will therefore be an opportunity for these young companies to meet professionals in the sector, discuss their experiences and present their products.

The show will be an opportunity to present all the opportunities for creation, support and support for investors and project leaders, add the organizers.

AROMAPLANT EXPO will focus on innovation as a key element for the sustainable development of the PPAM industry. Innovative companies that use new technologies, ecological production techniques and innovative processing methods will be present.

Workshops and training on innovation will also be organized to encourage companies to take into account the environmental, social and economic challenges of the industry.

This event will be an opportunity to discover the natural wealth of the country and also a suitable space for professionals and amateurs to discover the producers of the different varieties of plants used in traditional Moroccan medicine.

More information on the site Aromaplantexpo.ma



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