A European journey in the service of the anti-Moroccan agenda

A European journey in the service of the anti-Moroccan agenda

After Abdelmajid Tebboune’s famous visit to Moscow and his meeting with Vladimir Putin, Algerian diplomacy was obliged to carry out intense activities in Europe with a view to reassuring Westerners and “consolidating” relations with certain countries. However, this European journey quickly became an opportunity for Algeria to propagate its hostile agenda in Morocco.

Whether in Italy, Serbia or Germany, the Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Attaf, has set himself a single objective during this European tour which he has not sought to hide, apart from the supposed reinforcement diplomatic ties: Raise the question of the Sahara during all its meetings with European officials. Moreover, his speeches and press releases from his ministry are proof of this.

In our region, there is also the question of Western Sahara which directly influences the destabilization of the whole region. The non-settlement of the file has hindered and continues to hinder the achievement of regional integration beneficial to our countries “, he declared during a joint press briefing with his Serbian counterpart, while allowing himself to underline the similarity between the question of the Sahara and that of Kosovo, a country with a Muslim majority that Algeria, which claims to defend Muslim nations, does not recognize.

In a separate statement, the Algerian ministry said that Attaf and Robert Habeck, German Chancellor and Minister for Economics and Climate Protection, “reviewed the reality of relations between Algeria and the European Union and ways for European partners to provide greater support to our country’s efforts to spread security and stability in the Sahel region and of the SaharaTo “.

For Issam Laaroussi, Director General of the Manzourat Center for Geopolitical and Strategic Studies, ” Attaf’s European tour came in response to successive successes of Moroccan diplomacy in mobilizing support for the realistic options offered by Morocco to resolve the dispute over the Moroccan Sahara issue “.

The specialist explains, in a statement to MoroccoLatestNews, that these successes, in addition to the recent decisions of the British and French judicial authorities, of the Arab positions in favor of Morocco during the meetings of the 4th Committee of the United Nations, “ represent indicators of the deepening of the isolation of Algeria, whose thesis begins to run out of steam. Therefore, Attaf’s tour attracts certain European countries and influences their positions on the issue of the territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Morocco..

As for Algeria’s support for Serbia’s territorial integrity in exchange for its continued support for the separatist militia, Laaroussi pointed out that Algerian discourse in this context is characterized by duplicity and blatant contradiction, ” because he supports the principle of the territorial integrity of States in many regions, with the exception of the territorial integrity of the Kingdom, which he wishes to consider as an issue of decolonization”.

And to add: These contradictory positions affirm that the question of the Moroccan Sahara has become a concern for the foreign policy of Algeria, and that this question has come to govern all diplomatic movements in this country. “.

The issue has become an ingrained belief among the country’s ruling military and civilian elite, as the selection of presidents and political party leaders in Algeria is based on the degree of hostility to Morocco and loyalty to this faith. Anyone who deviates from it or criticism is considered an act of high treason “, he said.

And to conclude, Laaroussi makes it known that Algeria confirms each time that its diplomatic steps and its political discourse hostile to all that is Moroccan is ” a discourse far removed from political realism and good understanding with the regional and international reality which is oriented in favor of Morocco, while the eastern neighbor insists on its rhetoric concealing the ideological dimension “.


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