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A delegation of Moroccan companies soon in Togo for a B2B mission

ASMEX has partnered with the Togolese Ministry of Promotion and Investment and the Association of Large Enterprises of Togo to organize, this week, a webinar entitled ” Doing Business with Togo“. The virtual meeting brought together a hundred Moroccan economic operators and personalities from the two countries in order to strengthen economic and trade cooperation in a mutually beneficial partnership.

During this meeting, held on Tuesday, the president of the Moroccan Association of Exporters (ASMEX), Hassan Sentissi, quoted in a press release, underlined the strategic importance of Africa for Morocco, in particular Togo, and the need for fruitful South-South partnerships in sectors such as agriculture, industry, agro-food, construction and new technologies.

For her part, the Togolese Minister of Investment and Promotion, Rose Kayi Mivedor, underlined the growing interest of the Moroccan private sector in supporting and accompanying the development
economic and social issues of Togolese companies.

Also quoted in the ASMEX press release, Rose Kayi Mivedor welcomed Morocco’s presence in Togo through investments in the banking sector, in particular the Banque Populaire, Attijariwafabank and Bank of Africa, and expressed her desire to increase trade missions to explore new investment and trade opportunities to strengthen bilateral trade.

Advisor to the Ministry of Investment and Promotion, Rodrigue Akue-Atsa presented the advantages of Togo as an investment partner country, such as its GDP growth rate of 5.31%, its strategic geographical position in West Africa, its access to the sea, its large regional market of 122 million consumers thanks to its membership of WAEMU, as well as its distinction in 2021 as being the best reformer in Africa and the 3rd in the world by World Bank.

Thus, ASMEX recalls that Morocco remains one of Togo’s strategic trading partners, with Togolese exports of $1.47 million in 2022, consisting mainly of agricultural products, cotton seeds, palm oil and cotton. Moroccan exports to Togo amount to 39 million dollars, and consist mainly of liquefied natural gas, Portland cement, meslin, sugar and others underlines the Association.

The most buoyant sectors for investment include agriculture, infrastructure and logistics, energy, water, financial services, construction, tourism, telecommunications and industrial activities.



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