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A delegation from the International Water Bank expected in Morocco

A large delegation from the International Water Bank (IWB) will visit Morocco in the coming days. The high-level delegation will be led by IWB President Rashad Al-Shawa.

The founder and president of the IWB specialized in water financing. He is also Chairman of the Board of the International Water Resources Society in Switzerland, a member of the World Water Council in France, and a member of the Arab Water Council in Egypt, in addition to being a banker. international specialist in investment and strategic planning

He will be accompanied by the IWB board of directors like Shaddad Al-Atili, secretary general of the board of directors as well as several businessmen will be part of the delegation, like Wael El-Zein, president of Lucid Investment Bank and Chairman of the Board of Primus Financial Company in Switzerland.

On the IWB Board of Directors is Moroccan businessman Mohamed Benjelloun, appointed as Global Economic and Financial Advisor, with the mission of representing the bank in the Kingdom of Morocco and North Africa, as a member of the Advisory Board of the (IWB).

The IWB, headquartered in the Netherlands, is the first financial institution in the world to focus on investing in water. Its members are expected in Rabat to meet and talk to government officials and Moroccan businessmen.

The International Water Bank is an independent bank and is not subject to any political or investment influence from any party, says a statement from the IWB, received by MoroccoLatestNews.

The document indicates that its objective is to provide significant returns to shareholders and investors, taking into account this main objective for the establishment of the bank, social responsibility, access to water for all and the search for appropriate solutions in all areas to make it the main global reference for the financing of the water sector at the international level.



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