A collective of victims seizes King Mohammed VI

A group of victims of property theft and embezzlement of inheritances denounced “the absence of any political will” to resolve their problems which have been dragging on for years. At the end of the line before the injustice they suffer, they seize, in a letter, King Mohammed VI.

“To date, no victim has regained their rights” denounced the signatories, in a letter of which MoroccoLatestNews FR obtained a copy. “Justice is knowingly maintained in the absolute irrationality and the system as a whole is paralyzed by inadmissible practices”, they add.

The victims of real estate spoliations represented by the Association for Law and Justice in Morocco (ADJM), believe that they have constantly called on and alerted all the institutions and ministries likely to come to the aid of the victims in order to eradicate spoliation and embezzlement of inheritances.

They regret that the royal directives expressed on December 26, 2016 have not been echoed and “are not followed by any effect”.

“The painful and bitter observation that is essential is that it is today totally impossible for the victims to obtain respect for their rights despite Your directives”, indicate the victims in their letter addressed to King Mohammed VI.

“To date, the situation on this extremely serious issue remains unchanged (…) Land and real estate crime through hundreds of cases claiming thousands of victims throughout the Kingdom and beyond, has disastrous effects not only on citizens and other victims too often in a vulnerable situation, but also weighs with all its weight and tarnishes the international image of the entire Kingdom”

Among the countries mentioned are Israel, France, Spain, Belgium, England, Austria, and the United States. For the victims and the association, these shortcomings destroy “the progress of the reforms made by the Sovereign”.

“Corruption and collusion have become the cornerstone of a flawless system”, indicate the victims who are surprised and rebel against situations where the absence of any political will is noticed.

In their statement, the authors denounce a judicial system in its entirety having been “infiltrated by criminal networks” which would have “established themselves in all institutions and administrations, thus making it impossible for anyone who comes up against this scourge to obtain the respect fundamental and legitimate right to property”, recalling that this must have so far been one of the intrinsic characteristics of the rule of law and democracy in Morocco.

And to criticize the law (39/08 article 2) of 2011 “intended to favor criminal networks rather than victims”.

Finally, the association considers that “threats and other extortion have become commonplace” and that “victims’ defenders are threatened with death and harassed on a daily basis, judicial aberrations trivialized, justice is denied as a whole, until the denial of assassinations which have been proven unequivocally for the most serious cases”.

In the letter addressed to King Mohammed VI, the association of victims notes that this “sad phenomenon does not distinguish between race, nationality or confession, strikes foreigners and also affects many Moroccans residing abroad”, adding that the latter have either “lost the investment of a life of labour, or too often are dispossessed when faced with the thorny problem of inheritance, adding injustice to the suffering”.

The ADJM association and the victims also recall that they had already sent a message before and that this new appeal is guided by Your Majesty’s absolute attachment to the benevolent protection of Your subjects and the supreme interests of the Kingdom, of which in as Sovereign Amir Al Mouminine”.

“You are the one and only guarantor of the fundamental respect for justice for all, whether they are citizens, foreigners, or residents abroad”, affirm the victims, addressing the King, saying they are in a situation of “extreme vulnerability”.



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