A book by Abdelhak Najib retraces the epic of the Atlas Lions

A book by Abdelhak Najib retraces the epic of the Atlas Lions

Éditions Orion and Orion Productions, in collaboration with MDJS (La Marocaine des Jeux et des Sports), have joined forces to create a remarkable work, “ The Atlas Lions: A Moroccan Miracle“, dedicated to the extraordinary epic of the Moroccan national football team during the FIFA World Cup, held in Qatar at the end of 2022.

This magnificent art book, composed of 280 pages including more than 140 pages of texts and analyses, retraces an unforgettable month, rich in intense emotions, offered by the Atlas Lions to the whole world, announced jointly the MDJS and Éditions Orion in a press release.

In this book, the epic of the Moroccan selection is sumptuously immortalized through photographs charged with emotion, reflecting the noble values ​​of courage, solidarity, patriotism and family love, which have been demonstrated both by the players of the Moroccan national team and by the many Moroccan supporters present in Qatar.

This book is a humble contribution to the writing of the history of Moroccan sport and a tribute to the dynamics of excellence experienced by Morocco under the wise leadership of King Mohammed VI. “said Abdelhak Najib, journalist and writer, author of this work, as quoted in the press release.

The King’s enlightened vision is now bearing fruit in all areas where Morocco is moving forward with unfailing determination, meeting incredible challenges and achieving important results for the future of our nation. Sport remains one of the most powerful industries to conquer today’s world and ensure the influence of a country such as Morocco, which is committed to a dynamic of excellence at all levels.“, added Abdelhak Najib, stressing that this national team, like the great figures of national sport, deserves a superb book as a tribute and recognition for the services rendered to the Nation and for the happiness it has instilled. in the hearts of Moroccans.

For his part, Younes El Mechrafi, Director General of the MDJS, indicated that ” the MDJS supported this noble and magnificent project with enthusiasm and without hesitation. It is our duty to our country of which we are immensely proud.“.

Éditions Orion, founded in 2018 by writer and journalist Abdelhak Najib, has more than 200 titles to its credit and has collaborated with no less than 300 authors from Morocco, France, Senegal, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, South Africa, Belgium, Germany, UK, USA, Canada and Japan.

n addition to its commitment to the world of publishing, Les Éditions Orion is also concerned with societal issues. They have thus launched the “Book donations: reading for all” initiative, which aims to provide free books to the most disadvantaged schools, colleges and high schools in the Kingdom. This approach represents a national first for a publishing house, thus being part of citizen projects aimed at combating lack of culture.

To date, this action has reached dozens of establishments in several regions of Morocco, offering books to thousands of young people wishing to read and learn. This initiative will continue to grow in order to reach the ambitious goal of reaching 100,000 young people by 2025.

In June 2023, Éditions Orion also inaugurated the first Casablanca Literary Days, as well as the “Orion Morocco” literary prize. These events demonstrate their commitment to promoting literature and supporting Moroccan writers on their creative journey.

As for the Moroccan Games and Sports (MDJS), it is a public company whose mission, like state lotteries around the world, is to supervise sports betting and lotteries. by channeling the population of players towards a legal and responsible offer.

As the number one partner of national sport, the MDJS has been supporting Moroccan sport for more than sixty years by donating all of its results to the FNDS (National Sports Development Fund). The purpose of this fund is to subsidize the actions of sports federations, to support high-level athletes representing Morocco and to finance sports infrastructure, in particular local ones.

Deeply committed to citizenship, the MDJS obtained the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) label for the first time from the CGEM in 2013. In recognition of its constant efforts to protect the interests of all its stakeholders, this label has been renewed twice since then.

In addition, the MDJS has also obtained, since 2013 and on a regular basis, the highest level certification in terms of Responsible Gaming issued by the WLA (World Lottery Association), in testimony of the compliance of its practices with the best international standards.


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