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a battery of measures in anticipation of the 2022-2023 agricultural campaign

The Minister of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests, Mohammed Sadiki, assured that his Department, in anticipation of the next agricultural campaign 2022-2023, has started the establishment of a series of measures at the level of plant production relating, in particular, to the factors of production.

In response to oral questions in the House of Representatives, Mohammed Sadiki explained that in terms of selected seeds, the national market will be supplied with approximately 1.2 million quintals of certified seeds, adding that the State will continue its support to guarantee the sustainability of the selected seed ecosystem and protect the yield of all stakeholders (multipliers, farmers and seed companies).

In addition, a significant price subsidy will be implemented for cereals selected by the State according to the categories (210 dirhams for the quintal of soft wheat, 290 dirhams for the quintal of durum wheat and 210 dirhams for quintal of barley), indicated the Minister, noting the maintenance of the storage premium, the strengthening of the proximity policy through the intensification and optimization of the distribution network of the National Office of Agricultural Council and the continued development of the private network within a contractual framework with private distributors.

Regarding fertilizers, Mohammed Sadiki said that 500,000 tons of phosphate fertilizers will be provided to ensure market supply during the next agricultural campaign, while maintaining the same price levels by OCP, noting that SONACOS will continue its intervention. at the level of the distribution of fertilizers to bring these products closer to the farmers, to follow the evolution of the market, to activate the achievements and the results of the development of soil maps related to the rationalization of the use of fertilizers.

And to emphasize that farmers will also be encouraged to carry out subsidized analyzes in agricultural laboratories, in parallel with the continued implementation of the national direct seeding program by 2030, through the programming of an area of ​​90,000 hectares, and the Cereals, Pulses and Oilseeds Multi-Risk Weather Insurance program.




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