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9,000-year-old archaeological site discovered in Jordan

Jordan’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities announced on Tuesday the discovery of an archaeological site of religious rituals around 9,000 years old in the southeast of the country.

Archaeologists found a shrine at the site with a unique ritual installation dating back to Neolithic times, the ministry said in a statement.

These installations, called “desert kites”, were used as massive traps for hunting gazelles.

They were prevalent in the arid landscapes of the Middle East and Southwest Asia, the ministry said, adding that the site facility was likely used for religious purposes.

“This discovery is unprecedented, as it constitutes a unique testimony to a complex ritual arrangement, dating back to the Neolithic period”, explains the same source.

This discovery, the statement continued, highlights Jordan as a “cradle of civilizations that continues to amaze the world with new archaeological discoveries. »




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