85% of workers are looking for remote or flexible jobs

85% of workers are looking for remote or flexible jobs

A recent study has shown that job searches in the MENA region are more focused on jobs that are flexible and allow remote working.

According to the results of a survey of modern job search strategies from the MENA2023 survey of Bayt.com, a job search site, 85% of respondents say they prefer companies that allow remote work in a way full or part time.

These results demonstrate the impact of the covid-19 pandemic on the job market and the importance of workplace flexibility and adaptability as a criterion for job-seeking talent.

“There is an observable shift in labor market trends in the MENA region. Our latest survey provides data on how job seekers are adapting and thriving in the face of these emerging trends,” said Ola Haddad, chief human resources officer at Bayt.com.

The survey, conducted between May and June 2023, concerned a representative sample of more than 7,500 people living in the countries of the MENA region, of which Morocco is a part, alongside the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia , Lebanon, Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Syria, among others.

Hiring for remote jobs is expected to increase in the coming months, according to 85% of respondents, signaling an evolving job market that embraces digital transformation and changing work policies.

Respondents stating that the top 3 skills rated most important by respondents include the ability to work unsupervised (34%), flexibility and adaptability to change (27%) and self-motivation and discipline (17 %), demonstrating the growing value placed on autonomy and adaptability in today’s employment landscape.

Additionally, with the growing shift to online interactions, 53% of respondents say they are familiar with conducting video interviews. Despite everything, the preference for the traditional face-to-face interview remains high (30%), by video (30%) for remote jobs and telephone interviews come in third place with 27%.

These new realities in the job market were observed by the drivers of this study. “Employers should keep these trends in mind to stay competitive, while job seekers should focus on developing the necessary skills and leveraging digital tools to stay relevant and successful in a more balanced work environment. and ready for the future,” said Ola Haddad.

The survey also reveals a clear proportion of job changes in 2023. Of the total respondents, 91% said they plan to change jobs this year, suggesting a very dynamic labor market in the MENA region.

When it comes to finding new opportunities, they said they preferred online job sites for 71% of them over traditional job search methods.


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