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84% of Moroccans use WhatsApp in 2021

The WhatsApp messaging system is used by 84% of Moroccans in 2021 and 79% of them use it on a daily basis, reveals the Sunergia Group’s social media barometer.

“In urban areas, this rate even rises to over 90%”, indicates the group in its mapping of social networks in Morocco in 2021, indicating that WhatsApp is found in all layers of the population and in all regions of the Kingdom.

According to the same source, only people who do not have a smartphone do not use a smartphone, mainly Moroccans over the age of 45 with very low incomes who work in the agriculture and fishing sectors.

Indeed, thanks to its voicemail messages, WhatsApp does not discriminate too much between the different levels of education since even 1/3 of out-of-school people are users.

As for Facebook, the study continues, the social network posted a usage rate of 57% in Morocco at the start of 2019, while in 2021, nearly 3 out of 4 Moroccans use it regularly. and is also found in all segments of the population but with a more pronounced age effect. Where 58% of seniors (65 and over) use WhatsApp, only 27% of them are on Facebook.

If WhatsApp can be considered as a messaging system, this is not the case with Facebook which is therefore still the leading social network in Morocco with a majority of the population consulting it every day.

“By comparison and while it may seem counterintuitive, Facebook doesn’t discriminate much more than WhatsApp against people with no education. Among the latter, 1/4 use it and most of them every day “, notes the study which believes that it is the simplicity of Facebook and its news feed that probably makes it easier to use than a search engine like Google where it is necessary to enter a written search.

For its part, Instagram is used by 42% of Moroccans in 2021, an increase compared to last year. Focused on photos and visuals, this social network has grown from 10 to 15 million users in Morocco, a large majority of whom use it every day.

In 4th position is Snapchat which, with a 21% use rate by Moroccans, has seen a similar 50% increase in its user base.

Qualified as a “rising star” by the study, Tiktok is used by 14% of Moroccans, followed by Linkedin with a use rate of 12%. “From 2% before the first confinement, no less than 12% of Moroccans are now connected to the professional social network, ie 6 times more users than in early 2020”, specifies the barometer.

Twitter unlike all social networks which have experienced growth this year has remained stable with its 5% of users, followed by Pinterest.




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