81 projects subsidized for more than 14 MDH for the 1st session of 2023

81 projects subsidized for more than 14 MDH for the 1st session of 2023

The support committee for cultural and artistic projects in the theater sector has decided to subsidize 81 projects out of all the applications received, within the framework of the call for applications launched by the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication, for the 1st session of the year 2023.

The amount of subsidies granted to the theater sector amounts to 14,736,900 dirhams, distributed over “the production and promotion of theatrical works” (39 projects supported out of a total of 233 files submitted for an amount of 6,934,000 DH) and “national theatrical tours” (13 projects out of a total of 28 files submitted, for an amount of 6,450,000 DH), indicates the ministry on its electronic portal.

This aid also benefits “artistic residences, the writing of theatrical texts and training workshops” (21 projects out of 57 files for an amount of 692,900 DH) and “the organization or participation in festivals and theatrical events” (5 projects out of 18 files for 480,000 DH) as well as “street theatre” (three projects out of seven for 180,000 DH).

Chaired by Hassan Nafali, the commission, which met between May 9 and June 10, is made up of Abdelmajid Fenich, Hassan Bahraoui, Zakaria Kassi Lahlou, Amal Benayyad, Saidia Ladib, Adil Madih, M’hamed Sallou, Meryem Zaïmi, Asmae Loukmani and Sidi Redouane Cherkaoui.

At the end of its work, the commission called for the organization of training days for the benefit of theater company managers and project promoters, by the supervising ministry or by trade unions and professional associations, in order to introduce them to techniques for compiling application files.

The commission also stressed the need to comply with the legal provisions relating to aid and the regulatory conditions specified in the specifications.

She also recommended highlighting Moroccan and Arab authors and writers instead of being satisfied with adaptations and translations, calling on project leaders (theater groups and individuals) to work to mobilize additional resources, alongside subsidies. The detailed results of the subsidized projects are available on the website of the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication – Department of Culture “www.minculture.gov.ma”.


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