66 years of commitment to the service of the citizen and the fatherland

The National Security family celebrates, this Monday, the 66th anniversary of its creation, an opportunity to pay tribute to the elements of this body which continue to show, on a daily basis, a high sense of commitment and a spirit of sacrifice in the service of the fatherland and the citizens.

Since its creation, this security institution has always been there, adopting a proactive action strategy aimed at dealing with crime in all its forms and acting diligently and efficiently to neutralize criminals through a deployment effective in the field and unfailing vigilance.

To this end, the DGSN has constantly worked to modernize the various police structures, to offer logistical and technical support to all its units and to invest in human capital.

The members of the National Security family, who act for the defense of the sacred values ​​of the nation and the protection of citizens, have always been able to protect the immaculate image of this strategic institution, guardian of the preservation of peace, public order and the safety of property and citizens. Over time and, of course, through hardships, the elements of the DGSN have always shown professionalism, bravery and a high sense of duty, in the service of the supreme interests of the Fatherland.

The celebration of the 66th anniversary comes in a context of relaxation of the preventive measures taken by the health authorities of the Kingdom. During this period of the fight against the covid-19 pandemic, the General Management mobilized all its logistical means and all its human resources to preserve the health and safety of citizens, thus contributing to the success of the public efforts deployed to manage this crisis. unprecedented and mitigate its impact.

In this context, the DGSN had developed integrated action plans during the state of emergency, in particular with regard to the application of containment measures, the fight against crime, the preservation of public safety, the strengthening the feeling of security and the fight against fake news.

These measures have played a crucial role and made an effective contribution to the success of collective efforts aimed at overcoming the pandemic crisis and mitigating its effects, alongside all frontline responders on the frontline of the fight anti covid.

In this regard, and to ensure better interaction with citizens, the DGSN had launched an electronic platform “covid.dgsn.gov.ma”, designed as a channel for communication with citizens about attitudes constituting a violation of the provisions of the state of health emergency.

Based on the same logic, the DGSN has taken care to consolidate its presence on platforms and social networks, in particular Twitter and Facebook.

In parallel with its crucial role during the health crisis, the DGSN is committed to the launch of several structured security projects, the training of human capital, the inauguration of the new headquarters of the National Laboratory for Scientific and Technical Police, the Brigade of the judicial police, in addition to the inauguration of the DGSN Equestrian Club.

In recent years, the DGSN has taken a marked interest in human resources qualification projects. This is a profound and comprehensive reform that has extended to all the professional paths of the security elements, without neglecting the process of consolidating good governance in relation to the different technical and logistical working mechanisms of human resources, reinforced by a strong presence of women who demonstrate proven abilities and high skills.

As regards the new national scientific and technical police laboratory, built on an area of ​​approximately 8600 m2, it is made up of six floors, a basement and five technical platforms equipped to accommodate the forensic biology, the chemistry department, the drugs and toxicology department, the criminal evidence department, the department dedicated to the hereditary imprint, the administrative department and management of civil servants’ affairs, logistics, seizures and evidence, quality and security assessment and information systems security.

The DGSN has also proceeded to equip the division in charge of DNA or the hereditary imprint with highly developed and meticulous mechanisms, the first of their kind on the African scale in terms of DNA extraction.

This laboratory has been equipped with a new generation mechanism for carrying out genetic expertise making it possible to process 20,000 DNA units in a chip to identify the geographical affiliation of people prosecuted in criminal cases, in addition to the identification of victims of natural disasters of different types.

As for the new headquarters of the National Brigade of the Judicial Police, built on nearly 16,000 m2, it is composed of 8 floors including two basements and has been equipped to house the specialized offices of the BNPJ in the areas of the fight against terrorist crime, violent extremism, cross-border crime, drug and psychotropic trafficking, illegal immigration, economic and financial crime, money laundering and crimes related to new technologies.

The DGSN aspires, through this new dependence, to establish an integrated workspace for the benefit of judicial police officers in order, among other goals, to execute letters rogatory and develop mechanisms for international cooperation in security matters, in addition to optimize performance in terms of inquiries and investigations related to major crimes threatening the security of Morocco and Moroccans.

As for the DGSN equestrian club, it covers an area of ​​nearly ten hectares and offers police training in the areas of cavalry, entertainment and horse riding competition.

This structure houses a training unit offering specialized and continuous training for the benefit of elements of the cavalry brigades. It is equipped with equipment and outbuildings designed according to modern techniques in terms of theoretical and applied training, particularly with regard to the breeding of horses and their training to carry out various security missions.

Thus, by inaugurating these large-scale security projects, the DGSN aims to raise the police system so that it responds to the aspirations of citizens and to meet the challenges dictated by crime in its cross-border dimension, the main goal being to preserve security. and public order, to guarantee the rights and freedoms of citizens and to further cement Morocco’s stature at the regional and international levels in terms of stability and security.



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