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63% of Moroccan families unable to guide their children

About 63% of families are unable to orient their children when using the Internet, which exposes them to a series of risks, such as the viewing of harmful content that negatively affects their psychological and health security, as well as manifestations of cyber -electronic violence and harassment. In any case, this was revealed by the Minister of Solidarity, Social Integration and the Family, Aawatif Hayar, in response to a question on the dangers of electronic games.

Given the nature of internet legalization internationally, and its link to the reporting of harmful content, and what this requires in terms of increased user awareness, the Minister of Solidarity confirmed that her department is focusing on communication and sensitization of families to the importance of the Internet, while defining its dangers for children.

In this context, the Ministry of Solidarity and Family, in cooperation with UNICEF, has prepared a ” A guide for families to protect children from the dangers of the Internet “, with the aim of providing answers to the questions most frequently asked by families, by improving their knowledge and skills in order to follow the rhythm of activity of their children on the Internet, and to define methods of prevention, Child-friendly search and protection apps.

Interacting with a question raised by the National Union of Labor in Morocco (UNTM) in the hemicycle, Aawatif Hayar explained in his response that his ministry will prepare thematic guides and capsules through which he gives the floor to experts and specialists in the field of the Internet, to disseminate awareness messages to children and families and thus build their capacity in the field of the useful use of the Internet.

This new strategy, she said, concerns a new generation of local social services in various territories, adapted to the needs of citizens, and in harmony with the various policies, programs and public initiatives at the national and regional levels, with the adoption of digitization as a targeting and efficiency mechanism.

The Digital Development Agency has also set up a “ coordination committee in the field of digital culture and the protection of children in the digital space“, indicated the Minister, the aim being to develop communication and awareness actions for the benefit of children, parents and educators, and in order to protect them also from the dangers of the Internet and to provide safe services to users.

The agency is currently working with its partners to develop an electronic platform for reporting electronic bullying and harassment at the level of educational institutions, she pointed out.

Aawatif Hayar also indicated that the National Commission for the Control of Personal Data Protection (CNDP) has launched the platform “ Koun3labal » of an African nature, dedicated to the protection of privacy and the protection of the processing of personal data in Morocco and Africa.

The government official also confirmed that an agreement had been signed, in December 2022, between the Ministry of Solidarity, Social Integration and Family and the CNDP in order to protect children from cyber violence and electronic harassment. .



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