63% of household waste treated thanks to the PNDM

63% of household waste treated thanks to the PNDM

The Minister for Energy Transition and Sustainable Development, Leila Benali, revealed that the National Program for the Management of Household and Similar Waste (PNDM), developed in partnership with the Ministry of the Interior, has made it possible to increase the rate of treatment of household waste in controlled landfills and technical landfill centers (CET) at 63% of the waste produced, compared to 10% before 2008.

In response to a parliamentary question on the landfill monitoring in rural areas Raised by the PAM group (Authenticity and Modernity Party) during the oral question session in the House of Representatives, Leila Benali indicated that 67 uncontrolled dumps have been rehabilitated, while 44 have been closed and 23 others fitted out.

The Minister also announced the preparation of 53 master plans for the management of household and similar waste, 11 of which are at an advanced stage of preparation. The total cost of these achievements amounts to 21 billion dirhams, including for rural areas. Benali pointed out that his ministry has contributed about 3.1 billion dirhams.

In addition, Benali said that the ministry will continue to support projects related to the national household waste program during the years 2023 and 2024, with a financial envelope of around 384 million dirhams. This sum will be mobilized thanks to the remaining credits allocated to this program for the year 2022 and earlier, through the National Fund for the Protection of the Environment and Sustainable Development.

The Minister specified that these projects concern the construction of controlled landfills, technical landfill centers and recovery of household and similar waste, in particular in Safi, Essaouira, Chichaoua, Tan-Tan, Sidi Kacem, Ouazzane, Rahmania, Settat, El Kelaâ des Sraghna and El Hajeb.

According to the Minister, these projects aim to rehabilitate and close uncontrolled landfills, as well as eliminate black spots of waste, in particular in Ouazzane, Safi, Sidi Smail, Oulad Frej, Dakhla, Essaouira, Settat, Larache and Ksar El Kébir .

In addition, Leila Benali revealed that from the year 2023, financial support from the State in the amount of 200 million dirhams has been planned for the household waste management sector, within the framework of the budget of the Directorate General of Territorial Communities of the Ministry of the Interior.

The minister also pointed out that technical landfill and recovery center projects are subject to an environmental impact study procedure in accordance with the provisions of Law 12.03, in order to oblige project promoters to take the necessary measures. to mitigate the negative effects of these centres.

In parallel, Benali affirmed that the ministry coordinates with other bodies to carry out inspection and control operations in many industrial sectors and economic activities that have an impact on the environment nationwide, including landfills. public. The aim is to monitor breaches of environmental laws, write reports about them and send them to the competent authorities.


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