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6.9% increase in production at the end of July

National production of electric energy strengthened by 6.9% at the end of July 2021, against a drop of 6.2% a year earlier, slightly exceeding its level before the crisis, indicates the Department of Studies and financial forecasts (DEPF) under the responsibility of the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Administrative Reform.

This performance is attributable to the strengthening of private production (+ 5.9%), that of ONEE (+ 10%) and that of renewable energies relating to Law 13-09 (+ 9.5%), explains the DEPF in its latest conjuncture note.

As for the consumption of electrical energy, it increased, year-on-year, by 6.1%, following the increase in sales of “very high, high and medium voltage energy, excluding distributors” ( + 11.9%), those intended for distributors (+ 4.6%) and those intended for households (+ 2.1%).

Compared to its pre-crisis level, the consumption of electric energy increased by 1.8%. Regarding the net energy demand, it increased by 6.2% at the end of July 2021, after a decrease of 3% a year earlier. This development is explained by the 6.7% drop in the volume of electrical energy imports, after an increase of 69.5% the previous year, against an increase in the volume exported of 50.7% after a decline of 67.3% a year ago.




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