53% of Moroccans for “corporal punishment” to discipline children

53% of Moroccans for “corporal punishment” to discipline children

A new survey carried out by the network “ Afrobarometer reveals that more than half (53%) of Moroccans support the use of corporal punishment to discipline children, with the aim of preventing their deviance and making them more obedient.

The survey, conducted in 36 African countries on the occasion of the International Day of the African Child, reveals that the majority of Africans continue to justify the use of physical force to punish children. Countries like Cameroon, Benin, Burkina Faso and Nigeria have a 90% support rate, where nine out of ten citizens believe that corporal punishment is necessary to correct the behavior of children.

On average, between 2021 and 2022, 40% of citizens oppose the use of physical force by parents to discipline their children, while the remaining 60% consider that parents can ” always ” Or ” from time to time » use corporal punishment to punish their children.

However, these data also show an increase in opposition and rejection of this method of education over the past five years, particularly in Morocco, Malawi and Tanzania. Educated and high-income citizens disagree the most with this practice.

Between 2016 and 2022, data reveals a decrease in the percentage of African citizens who believe in the use of corporal punishment in the education of their children. On average, this represents a decline of 5 percentage points in 32 African countries, while Morocco registers a decrease of 2 percentage points.

Figures also show that people in urban areas in African countries are more opposed to the use of physical discipline on children, with 40% opposed compared to 36% in rural areas. Additionally, the over 55 age group is more opposed to this form of ‘violence-based’ education with 41% opposed, compared to 37% for the 26-55 age group. .

The World Health Organization considers that corporal punishment of children “impedes their development and violates their rights”. In addition, a set of international conventions criminalizes all forms of cruel practices towards children and protects them from all forms of violence, especially that committed by parents. Among these conventions is the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, ratified by Morocco in 1993.

The Kingdom is also committed to guaranteeing children’s right to protection by including several legal provisions in the Moroccan Constitution of 2011. Article 32 states that “ the State undertakes to provide equal legal, social and moral protection to all children, regardless of their family situation“.


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