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52% of business leaders are confident for 2022

Despite the health crisis and its devastating effects for the national and international economy, more than half of Moroccan business leaders say they are confident about their 2022 turnover, according to a study by Tectra.

52% of managers say they are “rather confident” of the future economic situation, indicates a study conducted in February 2022 by the HR firm Tectra.

The study was conducted among 140 business leaders employing more than 20 employees and concerns the year 2022 and the forecasts of Moroccan entrepreneurs.

This is a year perceived as special from an economic and cyclical point of view, it is said.

According to the HCP, the national economy grew by 1.2% in the first quarter of 2022 under the effect of a 3.3% increase in value added excluding agriculture and a 12.1% drop in activities. agriculture, explains the document.

And to announce the results of the survey which show that 94% of leaders believe that the economic recovery will resume its previous growth rate after a year or more, while 63% believe that the recovery will be very gradual and slow. For many months.

While 31% say that the recovery will be in “W”, with successions of recoveries and slowdowns due to successive waves of virus.

The document summarizes 4 factors for the resumption of economic activity. They are based on customer confidence, cash flow, team motivation and commitment and an appropriate internal organization.

For the outlook for the year 2022, business leaders say they are confident and optimistic. Nearly 37% think they will record an increase of more than 10% compared to 2021, and 21% think they will make similar progress to that of the past year.

As for the health crisis and its effects on their business, business leaders are mixed. Half of them see it as an opportunity to make more turnover, while others perceive it as a threat.

Nearly 16% of them indicated that the crisis enabled them to speed up their projects or create new ones, 31% believe that it enabled them to change their organization, and more than 26% testified that it allowed them to win new customers.




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