4th Morocco Fado Festival around “Lisbon and Fado”

The Fado Festival reaffirms its commitment to Morocco, despite a year of compulsory break due to the pandemic. The event keeps intact its ambition to promote Portuguese culture in the Kingdom.

Promoted by a private Portuguese initiative, Fado Festival is a traveling event that has taken place every year, for 11 years, in 16 cities, in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia, say the organizers, noting that the festival and its artists fully contribute to the dissemination of Portuguese culture in the four corners of the world.

For its 4th edition in Morocco, Fado Festival will have as its theme “Lisbon and Fado”, and will be present in Rabat on Wednesday 10 November, at the Mohammed V National Theater, and in Casablanca on Friday 12 and Saturday 13 November, at the Studio des Living Arts.

Lisbon, epicenter and inexhaustible source for artists, brings together internationally renowned figures, and Fado, intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO, which has now become a universal song.

Fado and Lisbon are intrinsically linked, since the birth of the genre and to this day, Lisbon continues to inspire endless themes that Fado in turn continues to celebrate. On the program for this edition, Fado Festival will present two great voices: Sara Correia and Fabia Rebordão.

Sara correia, will present his latest opus – “do Coração”, an album produced by Diogo Clemente and which earned him a Latin Grammy nomination for best roots album in Portuguese. Sara sings about love, sadness, desire, joy and the city of Lisbon. All of these stories are sung and told with sincerity and with a “bland” soul that characterizes Sara’s song.

As for Fábia Rebordão, she is unanimously considered as one of the reference voices of the new Fado. Cousin of the great Amália Rodrigues, music and fado are part of her life. In addition, his influences are varied and go from soul, to bossa nova, through blues and jazz. She presents herself to the public with a renewed image and energy with her 3rd album “Eu Sou”, which Fábia will present, for the first time, in Casablanca.

In addition to the concerts, and in order to highlight the multiple facets of Fado and Portuguese culture, the festival will also organize two free activities; A screening of the documentary film “Lisbon Story”, by the German-Portuguese director Wim Wenders, as well as a conference on the theme “Lisbon, the cradle of Fado”, which will be hosted by the author, poet and lyricist Tiago Torres da Silva .



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