48-hour general strike by civil servants and workers

After a walkout in February in the Casablanca-Settat region, civil servants and local authority workers are now observing a 48-hour general strike accompanied by a sit-in in front of the Ministry of the Interior in Rabat.

The National Federation of Local Government Workers and Civil Servants, affiliated with the Moroccan Labor Union (UMT), has called for a 48-hour general strike accompanied by a sit-in in front of the supervisory ministry due to a claim file that is struggling to be realized.

Among the urgent points brandished by the strikers in their protest file, are the urgent increase in wages, respect for the right to strike, the cancellation of the puncture of the wages of the striking personnel, the increase in the promotion quota or even the reduction of the deadlines to 4 years for promotion by examination of professional aptitude and to 6 years for seniority.

In February 2022, the National Federation of Local Authority Workers and Civil Servants had called on its members in the largest region of the Kingdom to observe a 24-hour strike, in order to push the supervisory ministry to respond to the demands of this category of civil servants. which includes employees of waste collection companies, municipal workers, nurses and ambulance drivers under the authority of the Municipality, and civil servants placed at the disposal of local development companies and public institutions.

During this first stoppage, the Federation had called on the Ministry of the Interior, in a press release, to clean up the file of municipal workers (excluded from the specifications of the delegated management of waste collection), the elimination of scale 7 of the promotion course for technical and administrative aids, the creation of a new level for employees at the bottom of the scale, compensation for professional risks in favor of nurses and ambulance drivers.

Similarly, the Federation had called for the vaccination of all civil servants who participated in the national vaccination campaign and those working in waste collection companies which it considers to be ” Frontliner“.

Due to the high prices of Covid-19 tests and the inability of some employees to carry them out, the same union had called on the supervisory ministry to set up a partnership with the Ministry of Health and certain private health establishments in the purpose of precisely facilitating the carrying out of Covid tests, insisting at the same time on the continuation of the dialogue in order to improve the social conditions of this segment of the population.



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