$450 million loan to Morocco for the improvement of health care

0 million loan to Morocco for the improvement of health care

The World Bank has approved a $450 million loan to support Morocco in implementing its “ambitious health reform” aimed at improving access to quality health care for all.

“Morocco is currently implementing one of the most ambitious and comprehensive health system reforms in the world, demonstrating its commitment to developing human capital”, the international financial institution said in a statement released on Monday. The reform aims to improve health outcomes and the quality of health services through better responsiveness at all levels of the system, added the same source, noting that this support will help make the system “more inclusive”.

“Improving access to quality health care for all is an essential condition for ensuring inclusive socio-economic development and human capital accumulation”underlines the director for the Maghreb and Malta at the World Bank, Jesko Hentschel.

He added that this loan will help establish the foundations of a health system “capable of measuring and continuously improving access to care and the quality of services for all”.

According to the World Bank, the program will achieve these results through a multi-faceted approach. These include expanding training to build the capacity of health professionals, creating performance incentives to link it to pay, making health services more accessible in areas where needs are greatest more important and to improve access to quality primary health care services and to regular evaluations of the quality of care at the regional level.

This program will also strengthen health system governance through reforms to decentralize systems, improve payment terms, and strengthen platforms for knowledge sharing and improved health data.

“This reform will improve health outcomes and deliver economic benefits for all by improving health service delivery and patient experience and strengthening the foundations of a high-quality health system”explains Denizhan Duran, health economist and program manager at the World Bank.

In line with Morocco’s national priorities, the program will also strengthen, according to the international institution, the capacity of the health system to fight against climate vulnerability, and to emphasize gender equality and civic engagement. .


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