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400 brands share the local market

Nearly 400 brands of tea distributed by more than 100 importers are marketed in Morocco, for a consumption of more than 70,000 tonnes per year, according to a study by the Sunergia group.

“After entering Morocco nearly 300 years ago, it did not take a century for tea to pass from the status of a rare drink, reserved for important personalities, to that of a popular drink, consumed by all. », Indicates Sunergia in a study on the notoriety of tea brands in Morocco, as part of a series devoted to Top-Of-Mind brands. “Sebaa” and “Sultan” are the two brands most present in the minds of Moroccans and alone constitute 54% of the ranking of the notoriety of tea brands in Morocco in 2021, notes the study.

Sebaa wins the top-of-mind 2021 title with the highest level of awareness, ie 28%, “a result that seems logical if we take into account the weight of the Bellakhdar group to which the brand belongs”, specifies Sunergia, noting that the latter has been one of the most important tea importers for more than 50 years in Morocco.

The group is also famous as a distributor thanks to its subsidiary Bella Tawziaa which distributes more than 15,000 tonnes of tea per year. This subsidiary encourages traders to buy Sebaa products, in particular through its loyalty program which targets retailers from all regions of Morocco.

Present on all communication channels (television, radio, written press, billboards and internet), Sultan, for his part, highlights its brand and the values ​​it promotes, namely the celebration of Moroccan traditions, nobility and the authenticity of its teas, through sustained communication campaigns.

“With 273,213 subscribers on Facebook and some 6,000 on Instagram, the brand communicates regularly with Internet users through various types of publications (information and advice, news, contests, etc.), in addition to a YouTube channel which has a few 1000 subscribers ”, notes the study.

Packaged in Tan-Tan, the “El nass” brand is mainly known in the Marrakech-Safi region, in particular by men. For its communication, the brand uses social networks to highlight the tea ritual as practiced by the inhabitants of the Sahara.

“Just after El nass, we find Bellar, which belongs to the ASTA group, the latter also owns the Babour and Loubane tea brands. Bellar is more popular in the Marrakech-Safi and Casablanca-Settat regions, ”Sunergia observes.

Expanding the offer and adapting products according to region is an effective business strategy and often well exploited by companies in the market.

“However, it is also essential to take care to build your brand, like the leaders of the sector. Without this work, the diversity of the offer runs the risk of simply complicating the differentiation between products for the consumer and ultimately creating confusion, ”the study concludes.




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