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4 teams from Mundiapolis University ranked in the Top 10

Mundiapolis University has been awarded once again for the quality of its commitment to research and innovation, 4 teams of students from the Mundiapolis University School of Engineering occupy 4 places in the Top 10 of the finalists of the international competition NXP Cup 2022.

The NXP Cup is an annual competition that covers the Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA) region and brings together teams of students to build, program and drive an autonomous model car.

“The purpose of the NXP Cup is to build and race professional-level model cars, but without the budgets of a company… To achieve this, the hardware and software must be perfectly designed and optimized in smallest details, and this aspect is far from straightforward,” said Dr. Samar Mouchawrab, Vice President of Academic Affairs at Mundiapolis University. “Like every year, teams of engineers from the most prestigious universities in the EMEA region compete to win the NXP race. The ten teams with the highest score are dedicated to the end of this annual competition. The School of Engineering of Mundiapolis University, representing Morocco, experienced the consecration of four of its teams, it is the participating university which experienced the greatest number of award-winning teams in the Top 10. Mundiapolis ranks third university in terms of running performance,” she added.

“Each year, Mundiapolis University in Casablanca undertakes to include the preparation for the NXP Cup in its program. Several students take part in this competition bringing together very large universities in the EMEA region and whose objective is to design and program an autonomous car kit with the aim of completing a lap of a random track in a short time.

I had the pleasure of being the coach of the students participating in this competition for the past four years, always honored to see our students among the elite and with better results year after year. », declared Mr. Marouane SLAITANE, Coach of the NXP teams of Mundiapolis University and teacher at the school of engineers. “Thanks to the commitment of the university and the excellent level of our students, we can be reassured that the best is yet to come and that very soon, we will see the Moroccan flag hoisted on the podium again. “, he added. It should be noted that Mr. SLAITANE is a former NXP Cup champion. He had won third place in the 2018 NXP Cup.

For his part, Matthias Wilkens, Head of University Relations and Program Management, NXP Cup/NXP Semiconductors, said, “Another great year for Mundiapolis University which has proven that team play, resilience and true passion are the key to success. Four teams in the NXP CUP EMEA Top 10 leaves no doubt that Morocco is on the fast track with the winning title ahead! “.

In 2022, the NXP CUP celebrated its 10th anniversary with 250 participants from Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Morocco was represented by Mundiapolis University which participated in the NXP Cup with 5 teams of engineering students including 4 teams which qualified for the final. The NXP Cup allows participating students to develop their network, gain professional experience, learn teamwork and acquire new skills that they will use in their careers.




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