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4 deaths among Moroccans, and 1,743 calls received by the crisis unit

Four Moroccans lost their lives in the devastating earthquake that struck southern Turkey three days ago, said Mustapha Baitas, government spokesperson, during the press conference after the Government Council.

Asked about the earthquake in Turkey and what the Kingdom has planned in this regard, Mustapha Baitas, government spokesperson, immediately recalled that “King Mohammed VI sent a message of condolences and compassion to the President of the Turkish Republic, thus expressing his sincere feelings of compassion, and his solidarity with the Turkish people in this ordeal they are going through“.

Subsequently, the government spokesman said that the crisis cell set up by the Moroccan Embassy in Ankara has so far received 1,743 calls from Moroccans residing in Turkey and their families, while it has been notified 4 deaths among Moroccans in Turkey. Furthermore, Mustapha Baitas pointed out that it has been confirmed that 84 Moroccans are in very good health.

The problem in the affected region is that the area’s telephone network has been severely impacted. And this is one of the difficulties encountered by the crisis unit in receiving calls. But every effort is made to be alongside Moroccans“, explained Mustapha Baitas.

In a previous statement to the 2M channel, the Ambassador of the Kingdom to Turkey, Mohamed Lazreq, explained that telephone numbers and e-mail addresses have been made available to Moroccan citizens in Turkey, to communicate with members of the ’embassy

We continue to search for other possible victims to help them. All those that have already been found are currently in stable condition.“, he had specified.

It should be remembered that the toll from the earthquake that struck southern Turkey three days ago continues to climb. There is talk of more than 14,000 deaths in Turkey following the earthquake, while in Syria, which was also devastated by a violent earthquake, there are more than 3,100 dead.



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